Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Update and Aaron's Birthday

Wow! This super busy summer is FLYING by!!  We have been so busy this summer!  This week and next week the boys are involved in swimming lessons.  In a couple of weeks we will have VBS at our church.  Things are just super super busy.
I wanted to give a quick update on our summer school.  We haven't been able to get much school in but we do get a bit in here and there.  I have told Seth that I consider him to have completed 1st Grade now! WHOO HOO!!  We may still have a few sheets left in a couple of workbooks...but in the grand scheme of things he has accomplished everything that a first grader should!  
We are doing a summer reading challenge with a friend!  Seth is super excited about this and is eager to read his books to get his points!  :-)
I am also working on turning this blog into a keepsake year book!  (and I am learning on how to change some things on my blog this next year to make the transition easier!  It has been a quite tedious task!  But it will be such a great memory for years to come!
Aaron celebrated his 5th birthday last week!  Friday, the day of this birthday, we took him to PetSmart and he got two beta fishes and tank.  He named one Bubbles and one Splashy Fishy.  (They had Dr Seuss statues for the tanks and I thought it would be very cute to get those and name the fish Red Fish and Blue Fish (since they were red and blue) but Aaron didn't go for that idea.  Oh well).
We had a party for him here at the house on Saturday.  He requested fish and shrimp so Poppy brought up his fish fryer and we had fried fish, fried catfish, homemade hush puppies, sweet potatoe fries and salad (oh and chicken for Rob since he doesn't like fish). We also made frozen strawberry lemonade (an recipe I found on pinterest of course).  It was very yummy and everyone had a fun time!  A front moved through and we spent ALL afternoon and evening outside! We rode the 4-wheeler and go cart and then just sat on the gazebo and talked for hours!! God gave Aaron a break from the heat for his birthday!

Here are pictures from the fun day!

Until next time,