Friday, October 21, 2011

MFW 1st Grade - Week 10 in Review

Well another week has come and gone!  We are just truckin' right along!  :-)  We are looking forward to a short week next week due to the fact that we are CAMPING next week!!  But more on that later :-) Here is what we did this week!

We did days 37-41 of the Teacher's Manual (skipping day 40 because there was no reading assigned to it that day.  I have found it to be best to just keep moving on reading.).  This week we introduced our bible reader and read the first couple of pages!  Seth was pretty excited about this.  We even took time to make a cute monster book mark for our reader.

We also just about finished our Before We Read workbook for our Pathway reading program.  We are super excited to read the first book in our First Steps pathways reader next week!

We also did lesson one of our Explode the Code workbook.  I have that this is a perfect workbook to get him to do during his "nap-work" (homework during nap time).

We had quite a fun week in Math this week1  We finished up our study of geometry by reading a book that was teaching the different shapes using Twizzlers candy! Of course this was a winner for the kids!

We also started our focus on addition and subtraction.  Seth loved using his counting bears to complete the worksheets in the math book.

I also set up our restaurant for the kids.  You can read more details on it by clicking here to see the post I made yesterday about it (and even print off your own menu and quest checks, and waiter tally sheets if you would like!)  This was a big hit and is a fun way to teach addition. Seth was adding 4 numbers together playing this game!!

Books we read for Math this week:
The Mission of Addition by Brian P Cleary
Mission: Addition by Loreen Leedy
Dealing with Addition by Lynette Long
Adding Puppies and Kittens by Patricia J Murphy
Subtracting Puppies and Kittens by Patricia J Murphy
Pointy, Long or Round: A book about animal shapes by Patricia M Stockland
Twizzlers Shapes and Patterns by Jerry Pallotta

Videos we watched:
Math Monsters: The making of Tens

For science this week we did days 33-36 of the Teacher's Manual and focused on Rivers.  Our focus was mainly through reading books and watching a couple of videos.

Books we read for Science this week:
River Day by Jane B Mason
White Water by Jonathan London
River Friendly, River Wild by Jane Kurtz
The Raft by Jim LaMarche
The Turtle and the Hippopotamus by Kate Banks
Big Day on the River by Sarah Wilson
Three Days on a river in a red canoe by Vera B Williams
What is a river? by Chris Arvetis
Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett
Up River by Frank Asch

Videos we watched:
Magic School Bus Wet All Over
Magic School Bus Goes Upstream

We had an exciting week for bible this week! 

First - we memorized another Proverbs.  Here is Seth reciting Proverbs 12:22.  (remember if you are viewing this by email click here to view the video on the blog).

We introduced the timeline this week.  I didn't get a good picture of our timeline.  I used the string that I had attached to the wall for hanging our projects.  I haven't decided if I am going to put the pieces that you are suppose to add to the timeline here or with the Grapevine Studies timeline I have on the other side of the room.  Still thinking on that one.

I put Seth, Aaron and Alyssa's birth years on the timeline

Speaking of Grapevine Studies we started that this week!  YAY!  (sorry...forgot to get pictures).  Aaron is participating with us in this :-) and I think both boys are going to enjoy this!  I just really think this will make the bible verses so much more interesting than just reading them to the kids!  

Another activity that was in the book for this week was to write a letter to a relative (and explaining that the bible is like a letter written by God).  Well we were already planning on writing a letter to Mimi this week so that worked out perfect!  (So Mimi keep an eye out in your should arrive hopefully tomorrow!)

We also introduced the bible notebook this week :-)

Aaron and Alyssa
I already mentioned how Aaron was participating in the Grapevine Studies stick figuring through the bible with us!  I am excited that he will be doing this with us (and I think he is excited he gets to do something that Seth is doing!)

Of course Alyssa and Aaron also get to be involved with the restaurant game!  They do a very good job being customers for Seth and love ordering their food!  :-)  

They are still enjoying exploring their busy box at times.  Those times are golden!  :-)

Alyssa LOVES LOVES LOVES to write on the white board!  She drew this "masterpiece" on Monday.

What's funny is that I didn't erase it and Tuesday and Wednesday she didn't even ask if she could draw on the board.  Thursday morning though before she woke up (we can sometimes get to the schoolhouse and get something done before she wakes up) I erased the board and even mentioned to Seth that she would probably want to draw again since I erased her work.  Sure enough, as soon as she walked in and saw the clean board the first thing she did was ask if she could draw! LOL!

Oh well - I guess at least it kept her busy!

We had a fun day at co-op classes today!  Alyssa is sound asleep and the boys are half asleep on the couch watching cartoons!  Co-op classes wear us out!!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Playing Restaurant

Ok - you will probably get two posts by me today...if I can get the week in review post up tonight...but I wanted to do a separate post to show our restaurant game that I got set up this week for Seth!

Seth has always loved playing restaurant so when I saw in the MFW 1st grade curriculum the idea of setting up a restaurant to practice math skills I jumped all over that one!  I took some time to put some effort in this because 1) I know he will LOVE it and 2) I see so many potentials for using this for learning so many skills and 3)Aaron and Alyssa are going to want to do this as well so I see us doing this for quite some time!

NOTE: On all these printables I have listed below, feel free to click on the image to get the full size image to print off and use for yourself if you would like to.

I made menus for our restaurant.  Here is what it looks like.  I made several copies and laminated each copy.
I then made a couple of waiter tab sheets.  I printed these off and laminated them as well.  The cool thing about laminating is that you can use a dry erase marker with them and wipe off and re-use over and over.  Seth (or anyone acting as the waiter) will make tally marks beside the food items when the customers order.

I then made the customer check tabs.  I made a sheet of six of them and then cut them apart and laminated them (once again so that they can be used over and over again with a dry erase marker).  I used the Sunshine Cafe logo from the tabs that came with the curriculum.  The reason why I made different ones was because I wanted to be able to have Seth add more than two numbers.  The ones provided with the curriculum only provided spaces for two numbers to be added.  I didn't want our restaurant to be that limited.

Today I introduced the restaurant game to the kids.  Alyssa and Aaron were the customers.  I acted as the hostess/manager and Seth was the waiter in training.

I welcomed Alyssa and Aaron to the cafe and seated them and gave them their menus.  Then Seth came and took their order.

I got a cute video of Alyssa giving her order.  (Remember if you are viewing this post by email click here to go view it online)

He then brought them their food (we used our foam animal shapes today...LOL!)

And then he had to fill out the guest checks to figure out how much they owe (where the "school" part comes in - LOL! He still loved it!!)

First he had to label two checks - one for Alyssa and one for Aaron.  He then had to write the prices for each of their items on their check.  I had him use his cube counters to add up the total.  He made a group of cubes for each number and then added the groups together to get his total!  (WOW - he was adding more than two numbers together today!!).

That is as far as we took it today!  I have a whole bunch of play money ready to go for when we start focusing on counting money.  I will be able to have the customers give him money and then have him figure out the change they need!

Then we we start focusing on telling time I am going to put a play clock on the wall and I am going to add to the menu what times of the day certain items are available.  I will set the time on the clock before we welcome in the guests and he will have to determine if what they are ordering is available at that time!

Oh this is going to be so much fun!!!

In the next couple of weeks I will get everything set up for our store as well :-) and Seth will learn how to be a cashier LOL!  (Or he can be the kid sent to the store with a list from Mom and money and have to figure out if he has enough money).  Oh there are so many ideas in my head!  LOL!!  But what a FUN FUN FUN way to learn!  Don't you agree?!?!

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Reading Fun

We are about waist deep in phonics rules right now!  Our English language has so many rules!  Seth has been feeling a bit bogged down with them as well lately so I have been doing my best to do what I can to make it fun!


I found on Pinterest how you can make a magic wand e!  Seth loves this thing.  I forgot to get a picture of ours so here is the picture from Pinterest.  But you can put up a word that has a short vowel such as mad and then put the magic wand e at the end - the e doesn't say anything but it does magic on the vowel and makes it say it's name!

I have also started telling stories about the letters to help him remember the rules.  We started this with the rule of when you have a w before or the or make the /er/ sound.  I started off the story telling him how or was walking along having a grand ol day and very comfortable in their /or/ sound until one day the w met up with them.  W was such a funny looking letter and they were so caught up in how funny looking w was that they forgot their sound and started making the /er/ sound.  W confused them for some reason.  

Today we did the igh sound.  So the story of these letters was that gh was walking along having a happy day when i decided to join them!!  They were so scared of i they couldn't say anything!  Because of the fact that they wouldn't say anything i had no choice but to say his name!  

As I have been telling the stories I have been drawing out the stories on the board with the letters and Seth has been loving them! I think it is helping the rules to stick too!  (in fact I am thinking about going back and making up stories for some of the others to see if that will help with those as well!)

Pinterest does have a lot of poems and games for some of the rules as well to help!  (told you I was addicted to Pinterest - LOL!)  But I am just trying to do my best to keep Seth interested!

I do have to add this in though - he is still loving the pathways workbook (and I really do love their approach to reading...Seth doesn't feel near as bogged down with that curriculum - I hope it stays that way - we have only just begun).  He has also started book 1 of Explode the Code and he is liking that approach as well!  My thinking is that the MFW curriculum will do a good job of introducing these rules but the Pathways and Explode the Code will help cement them into his brain.  :-)

1st Grade is quite a challenge!  (I should be a pro by the time I do it with Alyssa - LOL!!!)

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monster Bookmarks!!

Have you discovered Pinterest yet??  OMG!  There are so so many ideas on there for anything and everything!  There are a LOT of good homeschool ideas on the monster bookmarks that we made today!  We introduced the bible reader with the MFW curriculum today so I thought this would be a cute craft to do for this special day!  I loved how they turned out!

Seth's monster was the dotted one with blue eyes, Aaron's was striped with brown eyes.

Marking our page in our new book :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MFW 1st Grade - Week 9 in Review

It's hard to believe this school week has already come to a close.  Even with me struggling with allergies to the point that I had to go get a cortizone shot on Monday, the week still flew by!  (And thankfully we didn't lose any school days due to my sickness...I just kept plowing through!  Of course it helps when the kids are so excited about school.)

We are getting into a really good routine.  Seth has learned that when we get in the classroom he is to get his daily folder out and work on it.  In that folder I have his number of the day sheet, calendar page, place value chart, weather graph, tally mark sheet, and measuring page (he is drawing lines that the length of the number of the day in cm).  He has really in the past week or two gotten very independent with this folder, which is what I was trying to accomplish!

We did days 32-36 of the TM this week (omitting day 35 since there was no assigned reading that day).  The rules are getting a bit harder for Seth to grasp but he is really doing a good job though.  On the review the next day he doesn't have a problem and when there are words put in his reading lists from past rules he remembers most of them.  But this week we did the /or/, when /ir/, /er/ and /ur/ make the /er/ sound, the /aw/ sound spelled aw and a, and the short u sound spelled a, e, i, o and u.  I think Seth has decided that the vowels are just mean because they try to be so tricky to him.  (I think I have to agree - LOL!)

I have added another thing to our curriculum that I think will help him grasp these rules and that is the "Explode the Code" workbooks!  I ordered book 1 and it came in this week!  We did the beginning consonants pre-test this week, which he passed with flying colors.  

I am excited that next week Seth will be introduced to his MFW bible reader and will start his readings in that book! YAY!  :-) 

We also made great progress in our Before We Read workbook for the pathway readers.  we did pages 16-39 this week!!  He is loving this workbook and does not complain AT ALL about doing any of it!  This week he learned to read the names of the eight basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, black, brown, purple, orange) and he has got them down!  He gets excited when we come to another worksheet to review them (just a few short months ago I couldn't get him to color for nothing!)

Today we got to the page where they introduced Rachel, the little girl in the family that he will be reading about in the readers.  I had to tell a short story about her and then have him answer questions.  He got all the questions right and really seemed to enjoy the story! YAY!  He is getting very excited about starting the book about this family!

I think I mentioned before about taking the knock-off version of a Jenga game and adding words to the blocks for a reading game.  I introduced that game to Seth this week!  I showed him a word on each block and for each one he got right he got to use that block in the game.  When we finished reading the words we played the game (Aaron played with us).  They had a lot of fun with this!  We played it two days this week!

our tall tower - right before it fell!

We did days 28-31 this week.  To be honest I didn't spend much time on math this week.  Seth has always been really good at knowing his shapes and sizes.  He even did his worksheets out of the Math book as part of his homework a few days and had no problem at all completing them.   We did, though, read a lot of books on shapes and sizes this week.  This not only helped cement the concepts for Seth, but also helped Alyssa and Aaron with them as well.

Books we read on shapes and sizes:
The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns
Tinka by Rainy Dohaney
The Wing on a flea: a book about shapes by Ed Emberley
Two Greedy Bears by Mirra Ginsburg
The Littlest Dinosaur's Big Adventure by Michael Foreman
My Very Own Book of Sizes by Guy Smalley
Circus Shapes by Stuart J Murphy
What is Shape? by Tea Benduhn
Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert
Learning About Sizes by Tina Thoburn

We also watched a Math Monsters video on geometry.

This week we focused on our Thunder and Lightening theme.  Other than reading the pages in our Things Outdoors book, we read a lot of books on storms and thunder and lightening, and watched some videos as well.  And God helped us out this week by bringing us a good rainy, stormy day!  Seeing that we have been in a HORRIBLE drought lately, we welcomed the storms with open arms and enjoyed every second of them!!  :-)

Beautiful grey clouds during a break in the rain!!

Books we read on thunder and lightening:
Why Does It thunder and lightening? by Chris Arvetis
Are you ready to play outside? by Mo Willems
The Monster Storm by Jeanne Willis
Thunder-Boomer! by Shutta Crum
The Berenstain Bears count their blessings by Stan Berenstain
One Dark Night by J.J. Hutchins

Videos we watched:
Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm
Peep and The Big Wide World: Stormy Weather

Seth memorized Proverbs 12:18 this week and we talked about healing words vs hurting words.  Here is the video of him saying his proverbs.  He had trouble all week remembering the word piercings.
(If you are viewing this post via email click here to go view it on the blog).

I showed him the page of the greek alphabet and agreed to try to copy a few of the letters, but wasn't interested in doing the whole page, and I didn't push.  I also showed him the Genesis 1:1 verse written in Hebrew.  He thought this was pretty cool and had fun decorating it with trees and flowers and grass. (I forgot to get a picture of it).

I am super excited to start our Grapevine Studies next week as we begin our Old Testament studies!

This week instead of doing copy work of our Proverbs we wrote a letter to our missionary family that we are praying for.  (remember last week I mentioned that they have a boy the exact same age as Seth).  Seth told me what he wanted to tell his missionary friend and I wrote it on the board and he copied it onto his paper.  He was much more willing to write this letter than he is writing his proverbs.  He did a very very good job with it too!   We got a small toy to send with the letter today and got the letter in the mail.  (We realized though that we are not going to be able to send a toy every time because the shipping cost was quite pricy...oh well...we did find out that sending just a letter sized envelope is not!  Seth said he could just draw him pictures :-) )  It is neat to see him so excited about writing his friend!  

Aaron and Alyssa
Aaron had fun doing pages from a boy's busy book that his Granny had gotten him.  It is a book that has lots of stickers, and stencils and coloring pages.  He enjoyed doing these this week while Seth worked on his reading lessons :-)  He loves stickers so much!  I am going to have to try to find some inexpensive stickers.  I seriously think I could stick a page of stickers and a white sheet of paper in front of him and he would have fun and be content with that for quite some time!  (same things for going cutting paper)

I am, of course, still trying to figure out Alyssa.  (I swear I will be writing this statement every week - UGH!)  This week was kind of a tough week.  She was in a destructive mood and really didn't want to do anything that I would like her to do. No, she was just trying to destroy the school house!  UGH!  I did get her to watch her show on the computer one day.  Man, that was a nice day!

We did enjoy some puzzle time this week!!  

 she played puzzles for maybe 5 minutes!

It was all in all a good week!!  :-)

We are headed to see Mimi and Poppy this weekend!

Until next time,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

MFW 1st Grade - Week 8 in Review

Wow!  Another week has FLOWN by!!  Where does time go??  We only had school for three days this week due to the fact that Aaron had two different dr appointments on Tuesday!  Tuesday just ended up being a run day!  I went ahead and did my grocery shopping and errands while we were already out so that we only lost one day of school!

We did days 28-31 of the Teacher's Manual for reading this week.  We skipped the Day 30 Exploration day for reading since there wasn't any assigned reading on that day.  So this week we focused on learning the /th/, /oo/ (as in book), and /ar/ sounds.  Seth is seeming to get bored with the same drill of reading the words on the page every day.  So today when we were working on the /ar/ sound I just wrote the words on the board and had him read them off the board.  That really seemed to help.

I have heard a lot about the Pathway Readers by Rod and Staff publications!  I have a good friend who uses them and loves them!  I was able to get a close look at them a couple of weeks ago and decided that this would be really good for Seth.  I went ahead and ordered the first books.  We started on the first workbook "Before We Read" this week and Seth is loving it!!! It is so very simple but yet it is keeping his attention and is actually enjoyable for him!  We are still doing the MFW reading... but starting in 2nd grade of MFW there is no reading curriculum, and they give suggestions for curriculum to supplement with, but they don't have any recommendations for continued phonics... that is a bit unsettling with me.  I believe Seth needs at least another year of phonics, if not a couple of more years.  This Pathways curriculum does that!  And the good thing about it is that, no matter what I decide for next year, I know I have my reading curriculum decided on :-).  (Yes I do believe it is that good that I can go ahead and say it will be our reading curriculum next is impressing me that much!  And to top it off - IT IS CHEAP!!!!)

Anyways, I know I probably give too may details, LOL!, but we completed the first 15 pages of the Before We Read workbook this week!

We did days 25-27 of math this week, finishing our concept of numbers and counting.  This was an easy week for math for us.  We mainly did all of our math through reading this week :-)  And I have to say, again, Aaron and Alyssa have really strengthened their counting skills by listening to the stories as well!  Aaron impressed his Granny and PaPa last night by counting to 20!  :-)

Books We Read for Math this week:
Skip Count by 10, Let's Do It Again by Tracy Kompelein 
Skip Count by 5, It's No Jive by Tracy Kompelein
Skip Count by 2, Now Can You? by Tracy Kompelein
1,2.3, It's Easy For Me by Tracy Kompelein
Too Many Balloons by Catherine Matthias
Buzzing Bees: Discovering Odd Numbers by Amanda Doering Tourville
Click, Clack, Splish Splash: A Counting Adventure by Doreen Cronin

This week we did days 25 through 27 of the Teacher's Manual.  We finished our study on rain, and started talking about thunder and lightening.  I have to admit - we did not make it to doing our experiment on making rain...just didn't work out this week.  We did enjoy reading books on the subject though.

Books we read this week for Science:
It is Stormy by Kelly Doudna
It is Raining by Kelly Doudna
Rumble, Boom!: A book about Thunderstorms by Rick Thomas
Why Does It Rain? by Fran Harvey
I Love The Rain by Margaret Park Bridges
Raindrop, Plop! by Wendy Cheyette Lewison
Franklin and the Thunderstorm by Paulette Bourgeois
Smudge by Julie Sykes

Seth memorized yet another Proverbs this week.  He memorized Proverbs 29:11.  Here is the video.  You will need to turn your speakers up because he is soft spoken in the video today.  (as always if you are receiving this through email you will need to go to the blog to view the video.  Click here to do so).
We also learned how to draw a map of the bible lands this week using the silly little poem in the teacher's manual.  Seth caught on to this really quick and did very well drawing his map.

The Teacher's Manual mentioned making a large map to put up in the room to refer to when we start doing our Old Testament study in a couple of weeks.  Well, I tried but I kept being unhappy with my drawing and the placement of the countries and places when looking at other maps that I decided to just find some good maps online that I could print and use.  Next week when we revisit our map again and to learn the bodies of the water I will outline around my printed off map with the lines that Seth can make to make his map .  but I feel that the printed map with all of the places already labeled will be MUCH easier to use in the Old Testament lessons!

Here is a picture of my nicely printed maps - on the wall, ready to go!  (I found a map of the whole area, and then a close up of Israel showing Jerusalem, Bethlehem, etc...

We are just within a couple of weeks of starting the Old Testament Study!  I am so very excited!!  The reason why I am so very excited is because we are going to be using the Grapevine Studies Stick figuring through the bible!  It goes along with the MFW lessons so well and I think Seth will really enjoy these and it will help him to learn the stories and put a really fun spin on it!! 

The friend of mine that introduced it to me has already completed the Old Testament Overview with her kids so she is letting us borrow her timeline that she made of the old testament.  I got that put in our room this week!  It hangs over the top of our whiteboard a bit, but, thankfully our board is big enough to handle it :-).

When we do the timeline with MFW we will just clip those pictures along this other timeline where they fit in.  I think it will work so nicely together and I am so very excited about this!

Here is a couple of pictures of the timeline up on our wall.

trying to show how it stretches across the whole long wall, and turns to go a bit as well.  The picture really didn't come out well.. oh well...

Another thing that I want to mention in the bible section this week is the fact that we have a missionary family that we are praying for as part of our homeschool.  Our church supports over 100 missionaries from all over the world.  Every year families choose a missionary family to pray for for the next year.  We just had our service where we did that a few weeks ago.  I chose a missionary family to personally pray for and I also chose a family for the kids to pray for as part of school.  The family I chose was the Picketts, who are missionaries to England.  This family is quite special to us.  Daniel and I really liked them when they came to the church while on deputation almost 10 years ago and have kept up with them since then.  Then they had a son on the exact same day that Seth was born!  Then last year they were back at our church while on furlough and Seth got to meet their son and they really hit it off!!  In fact, Seth asks about him all the time!  So with that history I thought they were the perfect family for Seth to be praying for this year!  Seth is also going to become pen pals with their son!!  I have gotten their address and we will be working on our first letter and package to him next week!

I put up a poster with a picture of the family, a world map so he could see how far they were from us, and a close up map of the United Kingdom.  Here is a picture of that poster (I have blocked out their address on the poster for this blog).

Aaron and Alyssa
A couple of weeks ago in co-op classes Aaron's Around the World class learned about Australia.  They got to do some dot painting, like what is done in Australia.  Aaron really took to this and did an excellent job on his picture!!  He has been talking about doing it ever since.  So this week he got to show Seth and Alyssa how to dot paint.  Here is a video of him explaining dot painting.  I figured that we always have a video of Seth, we need one of Aaron too.  (remember to click here if you are viewing from email to view the video on the blog)

Alyssa wanted to draw on the white board again today.  I gave her a marker and man did she go to town!!  Look at this piece of art!!

Aaron is taking more and more interest in school!  He is really trying hard at his counting and his letters and is enjoying doing workbooks with Seth!  It's neat watching him take interest.  :-)  Here are the kids watching Leap Frog's Letter Factory!  It just seems like yesterday that Seth was watching this!  After just a few times watching it Seth knew all his basic letter sounds!  I am hoping Aaron catches on as quick as well (which I really have no doubt he will!)

We have another fun filled day of co-op classes that we are looking forward to tomorrow!

Well that's all for this week!  For a shorter week of school, this really turned out to be a quite lengthy review! LOL!!  There are just some exciting things happening!  And it just thrills my heart that the kids ask almost every night "is tomorrow a school day?" and when I say "YES!" they start jumping up and down getting so excited!!  It just THRILLS my heart!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! See you next week!


Monday, October 3, 2011

The Schoolhouse - Rearranged AGAIN!

I have once again rearranged my school room - LOL!!! But seriously, I LOVE this new set up!!! It gives us even more space for our reading corner, and makes my desk more functional for me!! YAY!! It has taken a lot to figure out the best use of my space, but I believe I have come a LONG way with this new set up!!

Here are pics for your viewing pleasure :-)

As you can see I have moved my desk to the back corner (this is the back wall where the bookcases used to be). That way I can be at my desk with my planner and teacher's manual as I am teaching Seth. I was having a problem trying to figure out where to put my stuff during our teaching session. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!

Here is the other side of the back wall. You can see that bookcase has been moved as well. I put a white board there in case we need one during time in the bean bags. You can also see that the monitor is mounted on the way (below the kangaroo) so kids can enjoy videos while sitting on their bean bags. I also have a wireless mouse and keyboard so I can show them powerpoints and other things on the computer from this story corner!

Here are the kids enjoying watching Leap Frogs' 'The Letter Factory' while sitting comfortably on their bean bags! LOVE IT!!!

The bookcases were moved to where the desk used to be! Can you see from these pics how much of a better use of space this is??

I was able to get this accomplished on Saturday and we have LOVED our first day of school with this new set up! YAY!!

Until next time,