Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alyssa is in Kindergarten

WOW!  I am not doing a good job at all keeping this blog updated!

We are trucking right along!  We have made the decision to homeschool at least a portion of the summer.  The kids will be off almost the whole month of June due to vacation and trips.  But I am hoping to get in at least a couple of weeks in July and then most of August.  I mean - if we are home we might as well get school in.  It is a lot better than being stuck in the house (because it is too hot to go out) and hearing "I'm bored" all day!  Plus, like I told the kids, we only school in the mornings anyway!

And let me tell you - since I made that decision - the whole pressure of having to be finished with everything by a certain date has been lifted from me!  I am no longer trying to put "school year" labels on things...we just go when we finish and then start the next thing!  (and as I look at things I see that we are on track...if not a little ahead so we are GOOD!)  :-)

With that, Alyssa has started Kindergarten!  She has been begging me since her 5th birthday in April to start!  I was trying to hold off but realized - why? If I am not doing the "school year" labels then why not start her now.  So we started last week and she is LOVING it!  I have to admit that I am too!  I don't know if it is due to the fact that this is my third time to do kinder or the fact that this is my last kinder so I am trying to savor it....probably a little of both!  :-)

I am not doing a good job of getting pictures of school.  I did try to get some pictures though to show Alyssa's first days of kindergarten.  And I have a few others that I found on the camera :-)

 (working with Granny on her history journal - she does history and science with the boys (has been for a while)... sometimes she listens just as well if not better than the boys and can answer more questions sometimes too LOL!)
 (she LOVES to cut and paste!)

 (she takes such care to get  her handwriting just right too!)
 (this was her Nature name picture she did today - she LOVED it and took such care to get it just right)
(Aaron got my phone the other night - he was being silly wearing my sunglasses!)
(Alyssa showing her fish lips!  Doesn't she look like a movie star?!?! LOL!)

Just realized that I didn't get pictures of our new science journals we have started!  I will get pics of those and our history journals for a later post!  

Oh - and Aaron is now 2/3 way through with 2nd grade reading!!!!!  :-) we are taking a break for the summer to do some light literature studies!  He is going to start with Magic School Bus book 1 (Dinosaurs before Dark).  He is super excited about that!

Seth is fixing to finish his study on Squanto, Friend of Pilgrims and he is going to start a novel study on 'Because of Winn Dixie'!  :-)

Until next time,