Friday, July 17, 2009

Tot School

Aaron is 24 months old

Well we had a pretty good tot school this week...but had to end it early when Aaron woke up this morning throwing up. I hate seeing any of my babies sick :-(

But here are some highlights from our week:

The boys LOVE to pretend they are cooking! When my oldest son asked if he could play with a paper plate I came up with a good activity. I pulled out my magazines, scissors, glue and paper plates and put the boys at the table. I put the magazine in front of Aaron and told him that as I flipped the pages I wanted him to point out any food that he saw. (he did really good until he saw a picture of a dog...then he got a bit sidetracked)

I then cut out the food for him. We arranged it on our plates and then glued it down.

He then took his plates and played in his "kitchen"(looking cute in his non-matching pajamas!).

His puppy enjoyed his lunch!

We pulled out the golf game that Aaron got for his birthday. This is going to take a little more work than the bowling game to get the hang of but he did enjoy it! I am excited about coming up with some fun courses for the boys to play :-)!!

Aaron enjoyed playing with his blocks this week! (and look at that laundry in the background!! ugh!!)

I was so excited when I found paint by water books at Target this week. Aaron really loved doing paint by water!!

Poor baby got sick this morning...our day today is not what I had has turned into a day of watching cartoons and resting...right now he is laying on the floor playing with his cars and race track.

Hopefully Aaron will be feeling better soon!! Next week is Vacation Bible School at our house!! I signed up to do the nursery this year. It looks like I will have two babies and two 2 year olds. I am thinking about taking my cd player and my bible song cds up there and hoping to even do a couple of activites with the two year olds! I am hoping it will be a fun week! I will try to get pictures!!

Golf and Paint By Water

I thought I would post some pics of what we have enjoyed the past few days!

The boys got to try out Aaron's golf game that he got for his birthday! It is going to take some practice to get the hang of this but I am excited about coming up with different obstacle courses to set up for this game!! It should be a lot of fun.

I also found paint by water books at Target yesterday and thought I would buy one to try out. The boys really had fun with this!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Giveaway I want to win!!

The blog, ABC and 123 is hosting a very cool giveaway!!

You can click here to see their post about their review of the It's the Small Things etsy shop and the giveaway they are offering.

This is the cutest little shop! They offer the cutest little handmade sewn toys...most of them can be used for educational purposes! And her prices are very reasonable.

I am hoping that I win the $10 gift certificate giveaway. The only problem will be deciding what to spend it on!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Play Kitchen!

My boys love to play kitchen...pretending they are cooking up goodies for Mommy and Daddy to enjoy! When Seth came to me this morning with a paper plate he found asking if he could use it in his kitchen I came up with a fun idea!!

I got the boys to the kitchen table and pulled out some of my Better Homes & Gardens magazines, paper plates, glue and scissors. I told Seth to look through a magazine and cut out pictures of food that he found and liked.

For Aaron I put the magazine in front of him and told him to point out the food he saw as I flipped the pages. I would then cut out the food for him.

Then I told the boys to arrange the food on their plates (I gave them each 4 plates).

And then we glued them on.

Then it was time for them to go play in their "kitchen".

Seth turned his room into his restaurant. His friends enjoyed his food.

A very cheap easy activity that will continue to provide hours of fun!

(and as always...ignore their clothes...we usually stay in our jammies if we are not going anywhere for the day...and the tops and bottoms don't always match...hee hee hee)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tot School - Summer Fun

Aaron is 24 months old!

We had a fun tot school week this week...we enjoyed playing with all the new goodies that Aaron got for his birthday!

Aaron's 2nd birthday was on Monday. We really didn't do much on Monday because we were all worn out from our busy weekend. The boys did enjoy watching the movie that Granny got Aaron for his birthday and they played with the new cars that Aaron got.

On Tuesday we enjoyed playing with play-doh and playing the bowling game that Aaron got.

The play-doh set had stuff to make play-doh monsters!

The foam bowling set was a lot of fun for the boys...even though Aaron doesn't quite get how to throw the ball yet...but it will be fun watching him learn. I am sure he will get better and better at it.

I quickly saw how I could make it into a learning activity. I put numbers on the top of the pins and when the boys set up the pins they have to match the numbers to the ones on the mat.

We also went swimming on Tuesday...poor Aaron is cutting his 24 month molars and they were really bothering him that day :-(

When we went outside to get in the pool this is what we found in our pool toy box. A bird decided to make a nest in one of the sand pails.

After not being able to go to the library for 2 weeks in a row the boys were really excited when they found out that we would be going this week. The puppy backpack "leash" that I got for Aaron was a lifesaver!!! And the good thing was he didn't seem to mind wearing it.

We went to Target to pick up a few things and it was about lunch time and the boys were getting hungry so we thought that we could just eat there! We discovered the $2 kids meal - a hot dog and a small icee! The boys were in heaven!! We will have to remember was a lot easier just having one place to be at to eat and get our items we needed :-) (Mommy is finding out that 3 kids can be quite a handful on outings!)

I found a new book for Aaron this week. He really enjoyed it and I am hoping that he will continue to get a lot of enjoyment from it. There are a lot of learning opportunities (through conversation) in this book. I didn't get any pictures of him reading it b/c he was in my lap...but I did find a pic of it online to share! It really is a neat little book.

Aaron had his 2 year check up on Friday! He is a big healthy boy!!!

On Friday night we took the kids to Bass Pro Shop. They had a lot of fun!

Aaron loved looking at the BIG catfish!

Had to throw this one in of Alyssa smiling at her daddy!!

We spent the day Saturday at my in-laws playing in their pool!

Papa cut Aaron's hair!!

We had a fun week this week.

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Play-Doh and Bowling

We have had fun today playing with some of the gifts that Aaron got for his birthday!

We first spent time at the table after breakfast playing with the new play-doh set that Mimi got him. It had pieces to make play-doh monsters. They boys had a lot of fun with it.

We then played with the bowling set that me and Daddy got him. The boys had a blast with this game and were upset when it was time to put it up...they are hoping that Daddy will play with them tonight with it :-)

I quickly saw where this game could also be a learning activity. I put numbers on the tops of the pins and the boys have to match them up with the numbers on the mat when setting up the game.

I hope you are having some summer fun at your house!!