Thursday, March 26, 2009

We are getting ready for Pre-K

Well I am getting my lessons planned out for Seth's Pre-K. He is so eager and so excited about it that he has been begging to start now. So we have started on some lessons. We have started the early lessons for handwriting (learning how to hold our pencil and learning how to make lines and curves). He is also spending most of his days watching the Leap Frog DVDs, playing the games from those the DVDs and playing on his Fisher Price Computer Cool School.

I am so excited about his eagerness. I just wish I had the energy right now to really dig into with him. But end of pregnancy fatigue has set in and I am finding it hard to accomplish anything. But we are taking it one lesson at a time :-) I just keep explaining to him that when she does come that we will need to spend some time getting used to having her in the house and will not be able to do much school during that time. He acts like he understands...I just really hope he does!

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