Thursday, January 6, 2011

Farm Animals - ALL KIDS got involved

My little Alyssa has always been a great sleeper and a long sleeper.  This has worked out great for school.  She would sleep until at least 10:00 in the morning which has always given us plenty of time to do a morning school session before she wakes up. seems she is changing...which I knew would happen...she is growing up...but I have dreaded it!  I have dreaded it because she is a "walking disaster" and has been nothing but a distraction during school because the focus is not on her.

But...she is growing up...

Anyways over the past few weeks she has been waking up earlier.  Which up until this week has not been that big of deal because we were on Christmas break.  But his week I have dreaded the waking up early...even to the point of not going to the schoolhouse for morning school because she would be with us and I didn't want it destroyed.  But today I had to bite the bullet.  I can't avoid this forever.  So I thought I would try the schoolhouse with her in attendance...

AND IT WENT GREAT!!  OMG!  I guess she is growing up...she wants to be more involved...she is cooperating better and we actually had a fun morning!!  And I am glad she was involved.

So why did I dread this so much?!?!

But I thought I would share some pics and videos from the morning!

First off - Alyssa and Aaron got some new puzzles for Christmas.  I decided to put them on the floor with the puzzles while Seth and I did our bible lesson.  This actually worked pretty good!!

We are on our goat lesson and are learning about goats and other farm animals.  Today we played a version of Simon Says and Alyssa got involved with us.  I got some funny short videos.  (if you are reading this through your email the videos may not show up so you may have to go to the blog to view them!)

It was a fun morning! I am looking forward to Alyssa being more involved with us during our school times.  Of course I will continue to do Seth's reading and writing lessons while she is napping in the afternoon - I don't want to push my luck :-)

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