Monday, February 14, 2011

The Homeschool Way of Doing a Valentine's Party!!

As kids in public schools today were having tons of fun with Valentine's parties, we also were having a fun Valentine's Day!

One of the homeschool groups that we are a part of had a Valentine's Party at Chuck E Cheese today!!  At first I was dreading it, even though I knew the kids would have fun.  I just felt like it was going to be a headache for me!

Well - I actually had a lot of fun with the kids!  They had a BLAST!!

First we had some pretty good pizza (it wasn't the best but it was edible).

Also every family brought items to help the kids decorate valentine's bags.  The kids had fun decorating their bags.

(Seth was super proud of his Valentine's man he made on his bag!)

Here are all the bags lined up waiting to be filled with valentine's!!
Of course the kids had a blast with the games and loved earning tickets!  (sorry for the quality of the pictures - I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone.  I was a bit bummed when I got home and discovered some of my pictures didn't turn out!)

And the kids had a LOT of fun dancing with Chuck E Cheese and dancing on the video stage!  (if you are reading this post through email make sure you go to the blog to view the videos - they won't come through on the email)
(3 videos)
And here are some pics of the dancing fun!
 (Alyssa was fascinated with the disco light)

It was a fun fun day!  But this momma is EXHAUSTED now!!!

We also received valentines from other homeschool kids all over the United States.  I will be doing a post about that on our family blog.  I will make sure to put a link on this blog when I do for those who don't follow that blog!  :-)  It was a neat project!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope you all celebrated the day in some special way!  :-)

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