Monday, March 21, 2011

Flat Traveler!

We have recently joined a cool facebook homeschool group - Homeschool Swapping Adventures - and one of the main projects of the group is flat travelers (which is just like the flat stanley project if you have heard of that).

Basically you hook up with another family from another state and you send your flat traveler to them and they send theirs to you.  The traveler will spend the entire month with the family.  Journal pages are sent with the traveler for the family to fill out information about their family and their state.  You take pictures of the traveler in your home and out and about around your town.  Then at the end of the month you send the traveler home and get ready for the next state for the traveler to visit!

Our family is jumping in and getting involved with this project for the month of April!  We are so excited. I showed the boys several sites on the internet that explain the flat stanley project and showed pictures of what a flat traveler was and stuff and then I asked them what they wanted their flat traveler to look like.  They both yelled out "Wild Kratts".  For those who don't know this is a new show on PBS that my boys are in love with right now!!

So here is the flat traveler I came up with for them :-)

And we have made him a passport and he is ready with his passport and his journal to head to Ohio!  He will be heading out tomorrow!!  And our visitor from Ohio should also be headed our way tomorrow!

If you are a homeschooling mom and you have a facebook account you should really check out this group - Homeschool Swapping Adventures -(just click on name for link to group page - you can request an invite to join the group).  It is a really big and active group!  They also do birthday card swaps, geography box swaps, and even swaps just for the moms :-)!  It is another exciting resource for homeschool families!

Have a great day!

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