Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our New Mailbox

Several weeks ago I saw on a blog where a mother writes a letter to her son every morning. She uses it as a reading exercise trying to include words that they are working on. I fell in love with this idea and have been thinking about it ever since. (sorry...can't remember where I saw it...I read so many homeschooling blogs and I didn't save the post).

Anyways, today I got my latest Family Fun magazine and saw this picture.

The article didn't actually have directions for making the mailbox but I figured I could figure it out somehow. I also decided that I wanted to do it TODAY!! I have been thinking about the letter idea too long - it was time to actually do something about it!! And I thought that having a mailbox would make it that much more fun!! :-)

So here is the mailbox I made... (not near as good as the one in the pic but oh well...I did the best I could with what I had!)

The first picture shows the red flag up (I attached it using a metal brad)

Here is the flag down.

Here is a front view of my sad looking mail box - LOL!! (maybe we can get the right materials to make a better one later)

For a closure I taped a picture hanger to the top of the mail box and I unfolded a paper clip a bit and taped it to the inside of the door. To close it you just hook the paper clip onto the hanger.

It is long enough to fit a standard size business envelope.

Here is the first letter to Seth...it will be waiting in there for him tomorrow morning.

Just another idea to help with reading and provide more handwriting practice :-)

Of course I have many more ideas in my head to use it for. I have thought about telling the kids that they need to keep an eye out in the mailbox because if they have a really good day at school they may have a treat show up in there for them :-)

Here was another one of the cardboard items in the Family Fun magazine that actually had directions on how to make!! Oh my boys would love this! I am going to have to save the magazine and do this for them one day!!

Until next time,

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