Thursday, October 2, 2014

So it has been two weeks since last update...

So, I didn't get an update in last week.  It was a busy week!  We had a super busy Thursday getting ready for a super busy Friday that consisted of our homeschool co-op classes and then leaving from there for our trip to Huntsville for the weekend to meet my new nephew!  :-)

This week hasn't been normal either.  I ended up back at the doctor yesterday :-( - I still had a sinus infection hanging on due to allergy complications.  In fact we didn't even have school yesterday.  After my appointment I came home and napped and took it easy for the afternoon.  After a month of this junk I am just ready for it to go away!

Anyways - but we did get some stuff done this week!  Here are some photo highlights from the last two weeks.

The first picture is showing the inside of our doors.  This is where we have set up a new spot for our biblical character building morning discussion!  I have gotten several character building items from Doorposts.  I have had them for a while but just haven't figured out how to work them in yet (and yes I will admit that they got put in a drawer and forgotten about for a while).  But I have taken them out and have decided to put them into practice :-)

The first one we are doing is the 'Go to the Ant' chart.  I have put each trait on an ant with each question for that trait from the chart.  We are talking about a different trait each week.  We look at the scriptures and discuss how we should answer the questions.  Then as we finish the trait I am also starting an If-Then chart (right side of door) - for any items of disciplinary nature.  If I see that negative action happening then there is a stated disciplinary action that will result.  (for example - our first trait was 'Serving God'.  One of the questions were 'Are you only working when someone is watching you?'  so on the If-Then Chart we have added 'If you are slacking on your work and suddenly spring into action when you see person in authority (Mom, Dad, Granny) watching you THEN you will have to do extra work'. )    I got the If-Then idea from Doorpost's If-Then chart - just making ones that are applicable to the character study we are learning.

I am also using my 'Instructions in Righteousness' as another resource to help learn these traits.

I am excited about this character building lessons for the kids!

We added seals to our ocean box last week!

And Alyssa has completed 3 more letters in her alphabet book over the past two weeks.

Well that's it for this update!  :-)

Until next time,

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