Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raising Rockstars – Love Week


If you saw my previous post today then you know that I am struggling to know what to do with the future of this blog.  I am really considering to go private with this blog so that this blog can stay as the way I have always intended it to be…a chronicle of our homeschooling memories…not us doing cool stuff so we can show off with a cool blog post. 

So that is why I haven’t been doing my posts like before…I am really seeking God’s guidance.

I did want to post though about our fun week last week with Raising Rockstars.  We focused on love last week…being that it was the week before Valentine’s Day.  We have joined Blockbuster’s service of dvds through the mail and we got the Veggie Tales A Silly Little Thing Called Love last week.  It focused on loving our friends, loving our family and loving God.  So we used that as our focus and talked a lot last week about how to love our friends, family and God.

The highlight of last week was our family Valentine’s Day meal.  A new tradition was started in our home!  On Thursday night we designated it as our family Valentine’s meal.  I even pulled out the fine china!  We decorated the table up all pretty and even had candles lit. Seth said a special prayer for everyone in his family and we focused on how much we loved each other.  We even had individual chocolate cakes for dessert. I think the boys felt really special!

Here are few pictures that I got last week.

I taught Seth how to draw stick figures so that he could draw a picture of his family.  Here is the family picture that I drew on the white board.

Here’s Seth’s first family picture ever to draw!! 

Here’s Aaron’s.

My picture of the whole table came out blurry!!  I didn’t even realize it until today when I took the pics off the camera :-(

Here is what our place cards looked like…little cupcakes!  I thought they turned out really cute!


We put Hershey’s kisses around the table (the yummy yummy cherry cordial kind) and we put ribbon curls and snowflakes (because this was the day that it snowed 12 inches!!!)

I put Seth’s family picture on display in the middle.

About the blog – I will keep you updated but I really think I am going to go private with it.  Send me an email or leave a comment if you want to continue seeing the blog and I will make sure you get an invite!

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