Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where Will We Go From Here

Hey guys!  I know I have not done a good job of posting on here.  I just haven’t found the time.  It’s kind of funny…I have been sincerely asking God to help guide my daily schedule and I have not found the time to do this…hmmm…I am wondering if He is trying to tell me something.

I have been feeling convicted to make sure that I do things with my kids FOR my kids and not just so I can have a cool blog post!  The blog is suppose to be chronicling the fun and educational stuff we do…not do things so that we can write a blog post!

I really do love this avenue for recording our memories and our accomplishments and I am still planning on giving my kids a book from the blog posts every year for their birthday (speaking of I need to get busy on getting Seth’s created…his birthday is a little less than a month away) so I don’t want to give up the blog.

I am seriously thinking though about making it a private blog…don’t worry…if you want an invitation you will have one.  I think though if I make it private I will be less apt to try to do something so I can have a cool post…and the blog will actually really be what I have intended it to be!

Hopefully you all understand this.  I really want to be the best homeschooling mom I can be…and I am learning that I need to lean more on God for guidance than others.  There are great ideas out there but I have found myself sometimes comparing myself to other homeschool moms and trying to mimic what they are doing…instead of taking their ideas and working into works best for us.  I think this is unhealthy because every family is different and every family is going to do things differently.  I need to focus more on how God wants me to conduct my homeschool.  Besides, everyone only chronicles the good things most of the time.  People aren’t so open to chronicle the mishaps and the bad days…so therefore people’s lives look a lot more put together than what they may really be.

Well I have really opened up here…no I am definitely not perfect!

I will keep you up to date on what I decide.  I am praying about it and hope to have a decision quickly.  If I decide to go private I will for sure let you know to give you a chance to request an invite.

And if you have any advice please share.

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