Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Nativity Pictures

This morning was one of those very special moments for a mom!  A moment when a new milestone is reached!  :-)  Now this milestone this morning might not have been an "official" milestone but in this momma's heart it is still a special milestone!

Aaron had his first intentional drawing!!  A drawing where he was specifically drawing something...not just scribbles.  Of course it is still scribbling but it is INTENTIONAL scribbling and I am so very proud!!  (I know you may not see as much need for hoopla and hooray in this as I do, but just indulge me for a moment if you would!)

I had the kids draw nativity pictures this morning.  Aaron did his picture with such excitement and then brought it to me and explained what everything was!!  I labeled the picture for him!  This is the prettiest nativity picture I have ever seen!!

And of course I can't forget Seth!  I am very proud of his drawing as well!  He really took his time to do the best he could!  He also wanted me to label his picture as well.  :-)  This is also the prettiest nativity picture I have ever seen!

As I write this I am smelling our gingerbread men cookies baking - YUM!!!

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