Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Ready for our next school year!!

We have been having a full and FUN Summer!!  The highlight of our summer has been the weekly play dates that we are having with kids from our homeschool group!  We are really developing some neat friendships (mom and the kids)!!  It has truly been an answer to prayer!!

Well starting this week I am getting SERIOUS about getting our schoolhouse ready for the next school year!  I have been given some good advice that the kids feet should be firmly planted on the floor when doing any writing in school.  Well, our table and chairs that we had were not allowing my kids to be able to do that.

Last week hubby and I found some desks at IKEA.  They were actually laptop desks but we decided that they were just the right size, they could adjust to be flat on top and their height was adjustable (and the price was just right!)  So we brought them home and got them put together.

Today though I discovered that the chairs that had for the boys (desk chairs with wheels) were still too high for them to be able to plant their feet on the floor even at their lowest setting!  THANKFULLY though a good friend of mine, Angela, gave me some little kids folding chairs that were perfect height!!  We will still use the office chairs at our craft table and when they are at the computer - but now they are sitting "correctly " for doing their writing and schoolwork!

So here is a view of one of the desks and chairs. (you can see Alyssa in her little desk in the background!  She is so proud to have her own little desk as well (-: )

The boys were so excited when I used some stickers to put their names on their desks :-)

I also found that I had some plastic baskets that fit just perfect under the chair to hold notebooks, pencils, etc...

The kids are super excited about their desks!  I think they are going to work out great!!

Ok - back to work!  :-)


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  1. Hey!

    I love the cute! And the little baskets are such a good idea. It's always fun gearing up for a new school year. Your babies are so blessed to have you!!!