Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ready For School!!!

Well I spent my birthday yesterday finishing getting our schoolhouse cleaned and ready for the start of school!  And I am happy to say I accomplished that!!    WHOO HOO!!!

Here is our teaching area with their cute little desks and chairs all positioned around our white board!

Here is a view of my desk and the craft table!  I don't know if Alyssa will fit in her chair (on the end of the table) all year but she is still fitting in it we will go with it and figure out what to do later when she no longer fits in it! LOL!

Reading is going to be the main focus in Seth's school year so we have almost a whole bookcase dedicated to his books!!  So excited!!!

I have grouped all our games and toys and stuff together.  Hopefully I have enough to keep Aaron and Alyssa busy!

The green box is for Alyssa and Aaron's "stations".  I have an awesome friend who gave me an idea of putting fun activities in bags.  I have also included coloring books, fun toys, and games in there as well.  Hopefully I will be able to quickly teach them that they can have one activity out at a time.  If they want to do another activity they have to put up their current activity first.  Hopefully there will be enough variety that they won't get bored.  (Aaron won't be doing as many "stations" as Alyssa because he will be participating with Seth in some of his school activities).

The blue box underneath the green box is all of our puzzles.  I went through and put them all in ziploc bags (cut out the picture of the puzzle from the box to put in the bag as well to know what puzzle it is). This was also an idea from the same friend!!  Hopefully this will help us keep our puzzles together better.  The boys love to do puzzles so puzzle time should be a lot of fun for them :-)

Another view of the cute little desks - with their cute school boxes on them!  We are ready for school!!

We are looking at starting school on Monday August 22nd!  We will school Mondays thru Thursdays and will take Fridays off!  Every other Friday we will have homeschool co-op classes!  The Fridays we are not in school we are just going to have fun!!

Seth told me yesterday afternoon "Momma I can't wait for my first day of 1st grade!"


  1. It all looks so cute. You are inspiring me to get mine done!! What a fun year we're going to have!

  2. Nice job Kellie! What is your floor? Just regular low carpeting?