Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School - well, sort of...

Well, we had our first day of school today, well...., sort of...  LOL!!!  Since we homeschool we did something different - why not!?!?!

We started the morning off with orientation in the classroom.  Alyssa slept in (and we GLADLY let her sleep) so it was just the boys.  I went over with them how our schedule is going to work and showed them all of their new books and stuff.

We did our first worksheet for our calendar journal.

I introduced Aaron to his number of the day page.  I came back over a few minutes later and HE HAD WRITTEN HIS NAME!!!  The only letter I have ever seen this boy write was an A and look at his paper - HE WROTE HIS NAME!!  This totally made my day!!!  He was so proud of himself as well!!

The boys were super excited about their busy boxes (a box of different activities that they can do during their assigned busy box time...which are times when I am needing to focus on another child).  They asked if they could work on some stuff from their busy boxes so I gave them a little while to do so!!  :-)

That was all we did in the classroom!!  After that we went and picked up some friends to go meet some other friends at a park in Corsicana that had a really cool splash pad!!!  (of course they had some cool playgrounds as well...we are definitely going to have to go back and play on those!)  It poured down rain on us all the way there (I mean like can't see the road in front of you poured) but was not raining when we got there.  Rain did come about 30 minutes later but the kids didn't care (they were already wet) and there was no lightning, and there was a covered area for the we just kept playing!!  They had a ball!!  Funnest 1st day of school yet!!

Tomorrow we really start school - LOL!!!  I am SO READY!!  BRING IT ON!!!

Until next time,

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