Friday, August 31, 2012

Our First Week of School!!!

We had an AWESOME first week of school!!  Our year has gotten off to a great start!  Seth is reading and writing like a champ!!  Aaron has been so excited to be doing school and Alyssa, for the most part, has been  with the program.

Here are some pictures from our 1st week!

Alyssa and Aaron at our "Letter of the Week" spot.

 Aaron and Alyssa coloring on white paper with a a white crayon.  They were a bit confused that you couldn't see what you were drawing - LOL!!
 But they were excited when the brushed black paint over it how all of a sudden their drawings appeared.
 Aaron and Alyssa working on their workbooks.
 Aaron and Alyssa finding their letter As.
 In bible this week we were focusing on the importance of a name.  On Thursday we used foam stickers to put our name on a piece of construction paper and then we used alphabet stamps to stamp our names all over the paper.  They had so much fun doing this!

 On Friday we had our first science day.  We are doing the Magic School Bus kits with a friend.  Today we worked on the Magic School Bus Microscope Lab.  Here is the table set up with the microscope and their clipboards with their data notebooks ready to start.
 Here are all the stuff we were going to use to do our experiements.
 Here is a close up of all the different liquids and salt, and sugar.  We looked at 6 different liquids, salt, sugar, and 6 different types of papers.  (of course I didn't get any pictures of them actually doing the experiment because I was too busy making slides and setting the microscopes...oh well)
The other experiment we did was explore with a magnifying glass.  I sent them outside for this one.  They were suppose to view 6 different items with their magnifying glass and draw what they saw.   I did get pictures of this one :-)

Seth did well in his first week of spelling!!  He did well in all of his writing exercises and began his 1st reader in the Pathways 2nd grade set and read like a champ!!

It sure was an awesome start to our new school year!!

Until next time,

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