Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Break!

This past week we took a Fall Break from school!!!  :-)  We have been in school full time for 6 weeks so I figured we all deserved a good break!!  On Monday and Tuesday we stayed around the house.  I did some school planning and then got things packed and ready for our camping trip at the end of the week.  But before we went camping we went to the State Fair on Wednesday with Granny, PaPa and Uncle Adam!!  Then Thursday we went camping!!!!  It was our first time camping since the first of the summer and kids were super excited!  We had a fun fun time too!!

Here are picture highlights of our week.  (I will warn you - there are a bunch - since the ultimate goal of this blog is to create a photo book of our year!! )

I want to start out first with pictures of Seth (and Aaron's) first cub scouts project.  They were little wooden models that they put together and painted.  On Sunday PaPa and Daddy helped the boys put together the models.

Seth in his cub scout uniform!!  He looks way too grown up for me!!

They painted their models during the cub scout meeting on Monday night.

Seth's completed space shuttle.
 Aaron's painted helicopter!  (I think it has personality! )
  Here are some pics from the State Fair on Wednesday.

 They had a cute little fish pond where the kids could fish.  Here is Alyssa's catfish she caught.
 Seth bringing in his catfish!
 Seth's catch!!

Aaron's catch!!
 Aaron kissing the fish!   I didn't get the picture quick enough!

 We rode the ferris wheel!!
My favorite pic of the day - Seth and Alyssa on the ferris wheel!!!

My big cheeses in the big cheese!
 Seth throwing a baseball!
 My diva found a pink car!!  :-)

 Alyssa found a friend!!!  I think she would have stayed all day in the petting zoo if I would have let her!

On Thursday morning we left for camping!!
 We did get in some school - we got caught up on our microcsope experiments (that I didn't get pictures of - PHOOY!) and we talked about stars and constellations and played with our constellation projector!
To see the rest of the camping pictures though you need to go over to our RV blog and see them there.

The link to that post is

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