Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 6 Review

Week 6 is in the books!!  WHOO! HOO!  We are moving right along!  Here are some picture highlights from the week!

Our bible theme this week was 'Jesus the Light of the World'.  On Monday we decorated a pillar candle that we have sitting in our windowsill now.

On Thursday we made a light switch cover!  Seth wrote the 'Jesus' and Aaron and Alyssa made suns.  (Aaron's on the left and Alyssa's on the right).  Seth cut them out for them.

Look at Aaron's numbers!!  He is doing so good!!  I did  not help him at all with these!!

Alyssa decided one day to wake up really early...and fell asleep on the bench about 30 minutes into the school day!  LOL!

I found Aaron a cool Scooby Doo Seek and Find book on the $1 at Target one day!!  He loves this book! I give him stickers to put on the items once he finds them.

One day Alyssa spent most of the day putting stickers on a piece of paper!!  :-)  That was a very nice day for all of us!!  :-)

In History this week we were talking of when the Dutch came over and settled at New Amsterdam and talked about how they brought all the livestock over.  In one of the stories they were talking about making butter so on Thursday we made butter!  All three kids got involved!!
 Here are the kids shaking their cream.

Here is the buttermilk draining off from the butter.
 And here is our butter!!!
 This is how much butter (right) and buttermilk (left) 1 pint of whipping cream made!!    Tonight we are going to have dinner rolls at supper to enjoy our butter on and then Saturday morning we are going to use the buttermilk to make pancakes!!  YUMMY!!  :-)

Seth started a new book program this week where he is earning points to use towards prizes that I come up with!!  He earned himself 600 points this week!!  Go Seth!!

Here is Seth working hard on his reading workbook!  :-)

And I have to tell this funny story - even though I didn't get a very good picture.  On Thursday after school we went to the park to meet up with some friends  On the way we got behind this trailer.  It had a pig in it and the pig started standing up on his hind feet and poking his head out the top.  The kids were cracking up and so I got out the phone to try to get a picture.  Of course he went back in the trailer right before I got the picture.  And then a couple of minutes later he stuck out his head again....and managed to get out of the trailer!!  While it was moving!!!  He ran off into the neighborhood!!  The driver of the truck had no clue!!  I tried to honk, but that didn't work! I rolled down my window and waved my arm really big until he noticed me and pulled over so that I could tell him that his pig escaped!!  I don't know if he was able to find the pig, or if someone else is going to get some bacon!

Well tomorrow (Friday) we have co-op again!!  Yay!!  And our first real cold front is suppose to come in this weekend and temps are suppose to stay in 50s all day Saturday!   I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!

And next week I should have pics of Seth in his new cub scout uniform.  It came in the mail today!!  We are hoping that he will receive his bobcat badge on Monday night!!  

Fun times!!

Until next time,

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  1. Oh, this brings back memories for me of our great year with Adventures. :^)