Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 9 in Review!

Wow!  Another week is almost behind us.  It was another good, busy week!  :-)

Here are picture highlights!

We had our church fall carnival on Saturday!  The kids had a lot of fun.  Alyssa was a flower princess (with her white kitty that she felt she needed to carry LOL).  The them was "simple" this year.  She got the little princess dress for Christmas last year and I just bought a long sleeve shirt and leggings to go underneath it.  I already had the flowers and basket and stuff at home to go with it.

Seth was Darth Vader.  (very simple - he already had the mask - I just bought a black long sleeved shirt and sweat pants)
 Aaron was a Clone Trooper (once again - very simple - we had the mask and just bought a white long sleeve t-shirt and sweat pants to go with it.)
 Here is Alyssa trying to shoot the cans! LOL!
 Here is Alyssa and I going down the big slide!  (Daddy cut off my head in the picture!)

Monday night at Cub Scouts was our first awards ceremony!  It was so cute!!!  Seth earned his bobcat badge and 4 belt loop awards!!  He was so excited.

Here he is saying his cub scout promise.

Here he is receiving one of his belt loops!  I wish this wasn't so blurry because look at that smile!!!
 After they received their belt loop awards the scout master said they had to do one more thing before earning their bobcat badge - they had to fight the bobcat!  They all went out of the room and a few minutes later we heard a LOT of banging around (Seth said they went to the church kitchen and banged on the counters and slammed doors).  Then they all came back in all bandaged up.  Seth didn't look like he did so bad.  Some of the kids had their whole head bandaged!  LOL!!  It was really cute.
 And here he is receiving his badge!
 My friend Tami got this cute picture of Caleb and Seth after the ceremony!

We are studying seasons right now and the MFW activity was to find a tree in the yard to draw.  We are going to make a picture of it each season.  We chose our hackberry tree since it shows more of a change in the seasons than all of our mesquite trees.

Here is Seth drawing his tree.  

Alyssa and Aaron did this as well.  (Alyssa wanted to stay in her scooby doo pjs this day LOL!)
 Oh hi there Daisy!!  I guess she wanted her picture too!  :-)
 I think she just wanted some attention - and Aaron never fails to give it to her!  :-)
 Here are their trees.

Oh!  I have to share this!!  We went and got chines food after cub scouts on Monday night.  Below was Aaron's fortune!!!  If you have been keeping up then you know that he has a major goal right now - to read!!!  And it looks like we will be starting his first pathways reader sometime in January!!  So I couldn't help but smile when I saw this!!  I have put it in his record book :-)  We will see how close to this we get!!

Tami also sent me this pic of Seth and Caleb in their lego class at co-op!!  I thought it was super cute and wanted to include it in here!  They are such big buds!

Well tomorrow we have another day of co-op and then Saturday we have our ECCHO Fall Festival!!  We are so so excited about it!!!  It looks like there is going to be a lot to do and it is going to be tons of fun!!  I am sure I will have pictures to share!

Until next time,

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