Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 11, 12 and Thanksgiving Break

OK -  well I got a bit behind in my updates.  Things have been CRAZY around here!  So this post is going to handle our week of school before Thanksgiving, the week of Thanksgiving (when we camped in Huntsville, just a couple of miles away from my parents) and this week.

The boys are really enjoying learning how to play Chess.  (you can see just how interested Alyssa is LOL).  They play many mornings before school and many afternoons as well.

Seth finished the first 2nd Grade reader!!!  He was so excited!!!  :-)

At Cub Scouts Seth learned the proper way to fold a flag!  :-)

He also learned some first aid skills.  
 We had a light week of school before Thanksgiving.  One day we drew a turkey.  Here is my turkey on the board.
 Here is Seth's turkey!  Good job I thought!!

 Here is Aaron's turkey!!  His best drawing yet!!

And here is Alyssa's.  LOL!

 Seth decided one day he wanted to show us how to do hand turkeys.

 Of course Aaron wanted to do one on the board too.

 And Alyssa can't be left out :-)

 We finished Sarah Whitcher's Story.   Here is the yarn weaving that Seth made during our reading time!  He really enjoyed doing this.  :-)

Alyssa convinced Daddy to play tea party with her and Granny.  LOL!!!  :-)

The week of Thanksgiving we took the RV down to Huntsville State Park.  It is about 2 miles or so from my parents house!!  We thought we would try it out as a way to have an extended stay down there, but have our own space!  And it worked like a charm!  Now the weird thing was that we really didn't do anything at the Park :-( Daniel said that next year we need to make sure we do some dinners or something out there where everyone comes to "our place".

Here is a view from our camper.  It was such a pretty park!

But the cousins did get in a lot of good playing time at Mimi's!!

And I got to meet and love on my new niece Gracelyn!!!  :-)

On Monday we did not do any school because we had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!!  OH MY!  Chuck E. Cheese on MONDAY?!??!  YIKES!!  :-) Thankfully we were almost the only ones there and we wouldn't have missed it for nothing!
 We did get in some school this week regardless though.  I have made the decision that the only subjects we are going to do during December are Spelling, Reading, English and Math.  We are also Doing the Coloring The Christmas Classics - where we are learning about the history of famous Christmas carols while coloring pictures and listening to the songs!  :-)

We did a fun math exercise today.  I gave Seth 4 dimes and pulled up the "toy warehouse"  (a powerpoint slide I made)  All the toys had prices of less than $0.10.  He could purchase one toy at a time.  He had to figure out how much to give me, how much change I would give him back and how much money he had left. He continued making purchases until he was out of money.  We played this 3 times!  He loved it!!
 Here he is figuring out the next toy to buy (and look at Aaron beside him counting too!! :-) )

Tomorrow is our last day of co-op for the semester!!!  I am ready for the break but sad because that means we won't see a lot of our friends for a little while :-(!!!

Until next time,

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