Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week in Review - Catch Up

Oh wow!  It is crazy how time will get away from you!  I have not updated for the past two weeks on here!!

Well two weeks ago we had a very interesting week of school.  Daddy had the flu :-(  so we spent most of the week avoiding Daddy and trying to keep well.  Thankfully no one else got the flu, but Alyssa did come down with a stomach bug in the middle of all of that (thankfully it was only a 24 hour bug...but we missed a full day of school getting her to the dr, thinking it was the flu).  But we did the best we could and got in as much school as we could.

This week was much better.  Everyone was well, thank goodness!  We had a full 3 days of school and then on Thursday we went to the Dallas Zoo with some friends.  Remember the hog skull?? Well we took our skull and other bones and our research journal to trade in the nature exchange program and got 4,300 points for our first trade!!!  Seth was so excited!  He was able to get the quartz geode that we wanted.  We also got a small rodent skull and banked the rest of our points!  Our next project we are going to do is a bird journal!  We are starting that this week.

Oh - and we found out some  more facts about our skull.  We were right in thinking the hog was about 4 years old!!  The zoo keeper helping us said that the hog was probably about 300 pounds, and not even full grown yet! WOW!  Plus he had a hole in the top of his skull that matches that of a butcher's tool...very interesting!

Then on Friday we went and spent a big day with Daddy!!  Daddy is going to have a very busy February at work and will be on several trips so we made sure to get in some good quality time with him before all his work stuff hits and don't see him.  We went to the Ft Worth Stock show and while we were there found out our stock show admission got us into the Ft Worth Museum of Nature and Science for free so we went and spent a couple of hours there as well!!  It was a lot of fun!!!

Ok - so enough talk - here are picture highlights from our last couple of weeks!  Enjoy!!

Alyssa watching a show on the ipad while the boys do school work. 

 Seth writing spelling words on white board
 Aaron practicing handwriting on ipad
 Aaron's uppercase alphabet written on ipad
 Aaron's lowercase alphabet written on the ipad

Oh - I forgot to put in summary - I got Alyssa a pre-k workbook because she has been saying that she wants to do school!  She was SOOO EXCITED!!!

Here is our weather vane we made in science!

Here are some pictures from our zoo trip!




 See that perfectly round hole in the top of the skull - that is what is believed to be from a butcher's tool.

I didn't get a lot of pictures on Friday - just these of us waiting for our 4-D show on energy to start.

And we got to the planetarium too late to see any shows - but I had to get a picture of this astronaut hanging from the ceiling!!  I wish I had him for my Jr Astronaut training class I am teaching in co-op!

And I had to throw this picture in - this is my mad scientist outfit for the mad science class I am teaching at co-op!! That is going to be such a fun class!!!  :-)

This is going to be a super busy week for us!!  It is our first week of co-op!!!  I am praying that we will all be well!  Aaron is battling a bit of a fever today :-(  but that is his only symptom so I am keeping the others away and hopefully he will be over it quickly so he doesn't have to miss the first day of classes.

Until next time,

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