Monday, February 25, 2013

Week In Review - A milestone!!

We had an awesome week of school last week!!!  It was very exciting because of the fact that Aaron read the first story in his firs Pathways reader!!!!  And he did such an awesome job!!  Reading is clicking with him!  In fact we were able to read the first two stories last week!  It was a very exciting week indeed!

And I couldn't help but remember back to the "fortune" that Aaron got in a fortune cookie back at the end of October that said his goal would be met in two months.  This was when we had first decided to start the Pathways route because he really wanted to learn to read.  Due to a 3 week Christmas break and him being sick for an entire week a few weeks was longer than two months...but it was less than 4 months when it happened!!!  :-)  (but you take out the amount of time that we weren't in school and it was very close to the 2 month mark!!)  

Here are some other fun highlights from our week!!

We did some fun stuff to meet Seth's cub scouts wolf requirements!  :-)  One day we had an art day!

He had to draw a freehand picture of a person, place or thing.  He drew a tree.

He had to tell a story by drawing 3 cartoons.  Here is his story. The first picture is a man inside a house that is on fire.  The 2nd picture is the firemen coming in the firetruck.  The last picture is a fireman holding the guy, rescued from the burning house.

Of course Aron drew about the same story :-)  But I liked how he added red fire!

Just a picture of them drawing.

We also made a stencil, cut it out and then painted it onto another piece of paper.

Seth's stencil was a car.  His painted picture is on the left - stencil on the right.

Aaron's stencil was a tree.  The painted picture on the left and stencil on the right.

Another of the art requirements was to help paint scenery for a skit, play or puppet show.  Well I do once a month puppet shows for the Wednesday night kids classes at our church.  So I thought Seth could make some scenery for the upcoming puppet show in March.  One of the skits is about gardens so we are making a garden by painting on poster board.  We got that started last week.  Here is a picture of us working on it.  (I will post a completed picture when we finish it, either this week or next).

I had to throw this picture in.  This was during one of our readings of Farmer boy.  Everyone had their feet on their desks!  :-)

This was from the week before - our first day of co-op.  We were all wearing our ECCHO shirts so I got a picture of all the kids before we left for co-op.  Don't they look sleepy???  I have to wake them up on co-op days early because we have to leave the house at 7:30.

And lastly I wanted to share a poster I made (from Pinterest).  I took it the first day of co-op to my mad scientist class.  And now we are going to hang it in our schoolroom!

We have a short week this week because we are going CAMPING at the end of the week!!  YAY!!  We are going to Oklahoma to take the kids to see the indians   Seth has been completely fascinated with indians due to our early American History studies this year.  So this is part of his birthday!  We are all so excited and ready for the break and some good quality family time!!

Of course I will have all kinds of pictures to share when we get back!

Until next time,

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