Monday, March 18, 2013

Week in Review - Seth's Birthday Week!

We didn't do any school last week.  We took a Spring Break!  :-)  My mom came up Wednesday (because she was on spring break).  Seth's birthday was Friday and we had a little party for him on Saturday!

It was a fun week!!

Seth is fascinated with Native Americans right now!  He wanted everything indian for his birthday (which is very hard to do!)

The first part of the week we worked on Native Americans crafts (which fulfilled one of our electives for cub scouts!)

The boys made up stories using Native Americans pictures!! (and yes we were in our pjs that day)

We attached those stories to the outside of big coffee cans and then threaded pieces of leather with yarn and made drums!

We also made medicine pouches with pieces of leather (no picture yet but I will get one this week and post it) and we have the leather pieces cut for our moccasins but we have not put them together yet.  We will do that this week.  (PaPa provided all the leather scraps!!)

Seth's actual birthday was Friday.  He requested pancakes for breakfast.  I didn't have any birthday candles yet so I put a tea light on top of his pancakes.  :-)

 On Saturday we had Mimi and Poppy, Granny and PaPa, Uncle Adam and our friends Rob, Tami and Caleb over for for a birthday party!!  Seth wanted an indian cake!

Seth got lots of fun gifts!

Probably one of his favorites was his bug vacuum  explorer's vest, and bug net catcher that he got from his Mimi.  After opening the gifts the kids took those outside and had fun catching some neat butterflies!!

While Poppy was here he made us some cool birdhouses!!  We can't wait to see what birds take up residence in them!!!  :-)

Speaking of birds - I had this picture on my camera and realized I had not posted them yet.  This is a red shouldered blackbird that has been enjoying one of our feeders.

And I had to share this super sweet picture that my friend Wyatt made for me at co-op last Friday!!  It really made my heart melt!!  :-)

Until next time,

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