Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let's Play Catch Up!!

Wow!  Life is extremely busy right now!!  We are trucking right along in school and nearing the end of our school year (we will be done by the end of May).  I have also made all my decisions for what to do for our next school year and am really really excited about it!!  I think it is going to be a fun year!  But I will talk more about that at a later time!

Here are some highlights over the past few weeks.

We had a wonderful Easter!!

We had a fun egg hunt with our homeschool friends on Thursday before Easter.

I hate that these pics turned out blurry!!  But here are the kids in the nice clothes that their Mimi and Poppy got them for Easter!
We like to be practical in our gift giving - they all got a good pair of binoculars, magnify glasses, and water bottles for Easter!!  They were all very happy with this!  :-)

 Due to the rain the candy hunt at church had to be held inside.  Kids didn't mind though!

After church we had lunch at Granny and Papa's and an egg hunt in the yard (thankfiully the rain had stopped by then!)


Daddy hid the prize egg in the rose bush.  Alyssa found it but got a thorn stuck in her finger in the process. :-(

This past Monday was Homeschool Day at the Dallas Zoo!  The kids and I went and had a blast!  Once again we loved the Animal Adventure show!

Of course we were SUPPER excited when they brought out a two-toed sloth!!!

We had a snack in the cafe that had a good view of the lions!  (of course one of those male lions was giving us a view that we didn't particularly care for LOL!)

Of course we have developed a special love for the Okapi ever since our cousin Sarah stayed with us for a month and volunteered at the zoo, working with these fascinating animals!

We are so very excited that a pair of Eastern Bluebirds have decided to build a nest in one of the birdhouses that Poppy made us!!  She is currently sitting on 5 beautiful blue eggs!!  We are so anxiously waiting for them to hatch and hoping to get a glimpse of the baby birds!!  We check on it every day and momma bird is always there keeping her eggs warm (which the past couple of days has been a bit of a challenge I am sure due to our drop of temps!)

Seth is working hard to complete all the requirements for his wolf badge in Cub Scouts!!  This week he made supper for us!!  He made spaghetti, green beans and crescent rolls!!  YUM!!  He did such a good job and was able to do a lot of it by himself!

He also cleaned ALL the dishes afterwards!!!  Such a big boy!!  (and Alyssa helped too!)

Until next time,

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