Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gotta have a final post for our school year

Hey everyone!  I know I have gotten so backed up on this blog.  I need to finish out our school year so that I can get our "yearbook" made (I make photo books from my blog posts)!!

So here goes! LOL!!

We finished our year strong!!  We were able to finish by the end of May before we went on our big vacation!  WHOO HOO!!

Seth finished 2nd Grade!!  YAY!!!  :-)  He was so excited to finish that last story in that last reader for Pathways!!  And he did AWESOME!!  I saw VAST improvements in his reading this year! :-)

Aaron completed the first reader for 1st Grade Pathways!!  WHOO HOO!!  He is reading like a champ!!  We will pick up with the 2nd reader for 1st grade when we pick back up school!

When we got back from vacation we had our Blue and Gold ceremony where Seth earned his Wolf Badge, along with a gold arrow point and 2 silver arrow points for electives!! Here are some pictures from that ceremony!

 And Aaron got a frisbee :-)  He really wanted a badge like Seth but come Fall he will be a Tiger and he is so excited to be able to really start earning stuff!

I had to put in these sweet pics of Alyssa that I got while waiting for the ceremony to start.

This summer we are once again focusing on Reading!  :-)  Our homeschool group is doing an AWESOME summer reading program and my boys are LOVING it!!  YAY!!!  They are in competition with other kids of the group to see who can read the most minutes, along with completing book reports and doing book quizes on the website!!  They are both reading like CHAMPS!!  I am so very proud of them!

Here they are reading books on ipads!  They are actually reading more real books than ones on the ipad but some days it just helps to be able to read them on there.  :-)  But Seth is really doing well with chapter books!  

Here are a couple of pics from our Summer Reading Program kick off party.  We had a picnic out at our place.  It was on the 3rd of June but it was already getting so hot already that we decided to picnic in the living room! :-)

Like I said we are spending our summer reading mainly. We have lots of stuff planned with our homeschool group as well.  Plus we are going to spend some time with my mom and family!  

And, like last Summer, I am using these days off of school to plan out our next school year!  I have some exciting things in store but I will post more about that later.  I am also planning for my fall co-op classes and some other fun fall stuff for our homeschool group!!

I am so very very blessed to be able to home school my kids!!  We are having a BLAST!!  

Until next time,

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