Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Quick Update

Things are going well with school!  We are about to have two weeks behind us already!!  WOW!!  Last Thursday we did "road schooling" because we decided to take a last minute camping trip so we we could be with daddy on a job he had out of town!  We even got in some nature journaling on Friday :-)!  Here are some pictures of that!!

 Alyssa's cactus
 Seth's cactus
 My cactus
Aaron's cactus

I also wanted to post pics of Alyssa's alphabet book!!  She is having a lot of fun with this!!  It is going to be a really nice keepsake when it is all done!    

On the left side of the pages she is completing an alphabet art picture for each letter (I pulled ideas off of Pinterest)

On the right side I found free printables - they were actually letter of the day sheets - but they had all the elements that I wanted to include.  There is one for each letter.  On some of the letters the color picture on the right side will match the animal on the left...but not always...

And I will finish this post with a picture of Aaron's lego creation from this week that he is VERY proud of!!  I thought he did an AWESOME job coming up with this idea on his own!

Until next time,

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