Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WOW!! It's been almost 3 full weeks already!!

Can you believe that we have been in school for almost three full weeks already!?!?  WOW!

Things are going well!  All of our curriculum is working for us, at least for the moment.  :-)

Here are some picture highlights (yes I know they are mainly from Alyssa's stuff...but she is the one doing the fun stuff right now! LOL!!)

So last Thursday Aaron got to go to work with Daddy all day (he had a dental cleaning and Daddy decided that he could just spend the day with him).  Anyways - we didn't have guitar practice that day so we actually had school at home.  Well, Daisy, our nana dog, did not like the fact that one of HER children were missing!!  She stayed in the school room all morning (which she NEVER does) acting very sad that there was someone missing.  You should have seen her leap to the front door when she heard Daniel's truck pulling into the drive that afternoon.

Ok - so Alyssa has started learning her sight words this and she is doing AWESOME!  She has learned six color words - red, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green.

Here is her showing off her page on the day that she learned the first two (red and yellow)!

And here is her sight word caterpillar - it is growing!!!  :-)

She has done a couple more letters for her alphabet book as well.

 her B bear
 her R Rabbit

And we put our first animal in our "ocean box" today - our baleen whale!!

Tomorrow is our first guitar lesson of the last semester for the year.  And then Friday we are having a summer reading celebration at a splash pad!

Until next time,

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