Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Week Upon Us Already??? WOW!

WOW!  It's been another full week since I last posted!!  

We had a good week of school...despite this momma having a bad allergy flare up that developed into a sinus infection (went to dr today so meds should be kicking in soon and I should be feeling a lot better)!!  But I didn't let that stop us from getting our school done!  We trucked right along!

The kids are doing awesome.  Seth is doing well with his 4th grade vocabulary work and reading!  We have had some issues with him not wanting to concentrate on his he has had to continue school in the afternoon when the others are off and playing...but he is getting better.  We will get through this :-)!  He is becoming SUCH a big helper though at night after supper!  All the kids have been given nightly chores to do after supper.  His is to do the dishes and clean the kitchen.  He does it most nights without even asking!  

Aaron is almost halfway through his LAST 2nd Grade reader and then he will move right into 3rd grade reading!!!  This boy reads like a CHAMP!  I am so proud of him!  He does very well on staying on task and works to get all his items checked off so he can go enjoy his day!

Alyssa is ROCKING Kindergarten!  Her sight word caterpillar grew by two more words this week (yes and no).  She is doing very well writing her letters too!  She also completed two more letters for her alphabet book!

And I guess I am going to go ahead and make the announcement!  We have a new family member!!  We have another 4 legged member!  

Our sweet Anna (Alyssa named her - from Frozen of course) showed up at our house Tuesday night of last week.  She had no collar and it was obvious she had not eaten in a few days at least.  We were not looking at keeping her at first (I swore I did NOT need another mouth to feed!).  We even called Animal Control on Wednesday morning to come get her (we are almost on first name basis with them...we get a lot of dumps out here).  The animal control officer called later that morning and said he was delayed due to another call and it would probably be the next morning before he made it out.  By the time Daniel got home from work we we were realizing what a good dog we had. She sat outside at the door of the schoolhouse the whole time we were in there!  The kids were riding her like a horse and she wasn't caring one bit about it!!  She is so gentle!  

Anyways - Daniel convinced me that maybe it would be a good idea to have a big dog on the property...she might be a good guard dog and she seems like such a good dog!

So..... we called animal control back and cancelled our request  :-)

And she has so far proven to be an AWESOME dog!!  She is very lovable, gentle, even tempered!  She seems to adore the kids!

We haven't let her in the house yet because she is HUGE!  But I have let her in the school room.  She comes in and sniffs around a bit and then lays down and takes a nap LOL!

She HATES baths so in attempt of her first bath I got as wet as she did trying to hold on to her.

She is a sweetie though!  :-)  

So...introducing... Anna - our gentle giant!

Oh - and Daisy is not real happy about this new family member but she is adapting :-)  I have a feeling they will be great friends before long. :-)

Tomorrow is guitar practice again :-)  And then Friday is our first enrichment class for the next semester!!!  We are so excited about that!!!  I am teaching all 4 periods again!  :-)  The kids are super excited about their classes and hanging out with their friends again.

I guess that is it for now!

Until next time,

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