Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Quick Update

Well it has been a short week this week!  We did not have school on Monday due to it being Labor Day!  :-)  And I have been battling some sort of allergy/head cold/congestion crap all week :-(

But we had two good days in the school room regardless.  And we have guitar lesson tomorrow (Seth) and Aaron and Alyssa get to have school at Granny's (like they do on most Thursdays).

Anyways - here are a few cute pics from the week.

Alyssa made her F fish this week :-)

We added dolphins to our giant ocean box

And Alyssa's sight word caterpillar grew!!  :-)  She now knows the 8 basic color words!!  GO ALYSSA!  And we have started putting two letter sounds together!  

Well that's it for now!!

Until next time,

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