Monday, November 10, 2014

A Quick Update

Hey!  Since I haven't updated in a couple of weeks I thought I would post a quick update!

Things are busy around here as usual!  We just got home from a a family Thanksgiving up in Arkansas with Daniel's family!  It was such a nice weekend!

We are gearing up for a week long camping trip with my parents the week of Thanksgiving!!  OH MY will it be fun!!!  We will be doing fun craft stuff such as Christmas ornaments made from twigs and acorns and such to glow in the dark play dough and slime, to of course smores around the campfire!  We will also be doing our BIG Thanksgiving dinner at the camp site!!  YUM!!!  It will be a full week of FAMILY fun!!!  I am so looking forward to this trip!!

In the past couple of weeks Alyssa has started reading!  WHOO HOO!!  She has started her first reader in the Pathways reading program and is reading like a champ!!!  It is kind of bitter sweet to know this is the last time I will hear my children learn to read!  This has been the biggest blessing of homeschool so far!  I am excited for other things that I will get to experience with them...but really don't know if anything can top watching your child learn to read!

I am gearing up for our Truth in the Tinsel for Christmas school.  I am also thinking of how to change school up just a bit for Christmas.  I really don't want to lose this rhythm we are in too much, but I also want to make it a fun and special time as well!  I know I will be able to come up with something (but first I have to get beyond this focus on Thanksgiving week camping trip!... Did I mention how excited I was about that?! LOL)

Anyways, here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Here are Alyssa's latest letter crafts!

And her word caterpillar has not filled up HALF of the board!  She is really learning a lot of words and is doing VERY well!!!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend - we took at fun hayride on Saturday during the family Thanksgiving.

This first one is of Alyssa and her cousin Addison.  They have become such great friends!!  Every time we saw them on Saturday they were holding hands headed somewhere!  Alyssa was very sad to leave Addison Saturday night.  But we have decided that they are going to be pen pals! :-)  I think that will be great fun for both of them!

Well, I promise I will have lots of pictures of our Thanksgiving trip!!  :-)  And of course we still have two full weeks of school and another co-op class to get through before the trip so things will be busy between now and then.

Until next time,

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