Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meet Tuba....

I realized that when I did my update on Monday I forgot to introduce our newest pet!

Meet Tuba.... the tadpole

He is an African Dwarf frog.  It was recommended in our Apologia Zooology 2: Sea Creatures of the 5th Day curriculum!  We ordered him in August but due to Texas heat they couldn't ship him until it cooled down (and thankfully they were able two in the couple of weeks of nice weather before it got too cold here...gotta love Texas!)

Alyssa came up with his name - Tuba!!  :-)

Oh and the fun is beginning - getting ready for our Thanksgiving camping!!  I made the homemade cranberry sauce today!  I went ahead and water bathed it so that it would keep and that is one less thing to have to fit in the fridge!  YUM!!!  It has been WAY too long since I have canned!  I really need to do it more often!  There is such the feeling of accomplishment looking at the beautiful jars of yummy goodness!!!  Why didn't I think to make more?!?!?  LOL!

I guess that last bit really didn't have much to do with homeschool...but oh well!!  It is our life! :-)

Until next time,

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