Friday, July 17, 2009

Tot School

Aaron is 24 months old

Well we had a pretty good tot school this week...but had to end it early when Aaron woke up this morning throwing up. I hate seeing any of my babies sick :-(

But here are some highlights from our week:

The boys LOVE to pretend they are cooking! When my oldest son asked if he could play with a paper plate I came up with a good activity. I pulled out my magazines, scissors, glue and paper plates and put the boys at the table. I put the magazine in front of Aaron and told him that as I flipped the pages I wanted him to point out any food that he saw. (he did really good until he saw a picture of a dog...then he got a bit sidetracked)

I then cut out the food for him. We arranged it on our plates and then glued it down.

He then took his plates and played in his "kitchen"(looking cute in his non-matching pajamas!).

His puppy enjoyed his lunch!

We pulled out the golf game that Aaron got for his birthday. This is going to take a little more work than the bowling game to get the hang of but he did enjoy it! I am excited about coming up with some fun courses for the boys to play :-)!!

Aaron enjoyed playing with his blocks this week! (and look at that laundry in the background!! ugh!!)

I was so excited when I found paint by water books at Target this week. Aaron really loved doing paint by water!!

Poor baby got sick this morning...our day today is not what I had has turned into a day of watching cartoons and resting...right now he is laying on the floor playing with his cars and race track.

Hopefully Aaron will be feeling better soon!! Next week is Vacation Bible School at our house!! I signed up to do the nursery this year. It looks like I will have two babies and two 2 year olds. I am thinking about taking my cd player and my bible song cds up there and hoping to even do a couple of activites with the two year olds! I am hoping it will be a fun week! I will try to get pictures!!


  1. Poor little boy. I hope he is feeling better soon!

  2. You know--my two boys had the throw up virus this past week too! Looks like you had a productive week in spite of it though!