Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raising Rock Stars


This week we worked on the letter C lesson from Danielle’s Place.  We focused on the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den and talked about courage…and how not to be a scaredy cat!

Our Memory Verse was Isaiah 41:10a Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God

Of course – we had to watch our favorite Veggietales DVD, Where Is God When I am Scared, because it fit so perfectly.

We made lion face bean bags.

We ate our lunch on lion zoo pal plates.

I took some more lion zoo pal plates and punched holes all around the edges and cut a piece of yarn for the boys to lace around their plates.

We made scaredy cat books!  I had Seth draw pictures of what he was scared of.  He drew a picture of a snake and a picture of his basketball goal falling over (this happened in the middle of the night one night…and it scared him real bad and apparently still scares him even today).


Seth is really starting to ask questions about salvation and we are having some really good conversations about Jesus and what he came to earth to do for us.  I have a feeling he will be one of the ones that will accept Jesus at a pretty young age!  I am just daily praying that God will give me the right words to tell him and that it will penetrate his heart and that he will understand.