Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calendar Days 6 - 12

Well, the calendar is starting to look bare...

The puzzle has been completed halfway...

And half of the nativity cast have taken their position...

It's hard to believe we are halfway through the month - almost to Christmas!  This month is FLYING by!!

Here is what we have done days 6 - 12.

Day 6
On Day 6 (last Tuesday) our activity was to make ornaments.  I found a cute little foam ornament kit at Dollar Tree...the kit makes 3 ornaments - one for each kid.
 Aaron did the Snowman one, Seth made the stocking and Alyssa made the wreath.

Day 7
Our activity for Day 7 was to make our Christmas cards.  We had a lot of fun with this one!

Day 8
My original Day 8 activity was to make star ornaments...but we didn't finish our Christmas cards from the day before so we changed the activity to finish the Christmas Cards :-)

For the rest of the days I don't have pictures :-(  sorry...

Day 9
The activity for Day 9 was to "Do something special with Daddy and PaPa".  I scheduled this activity on this day because I was having a Christmas party for my Ladies Bible Study at my house so the kids were spending the evening with them :-)   They enjoyed a big pizza at PaPa's house.

Day 10
Our activity for day 10 was to "attend a Christmas Concert".  This was planned specifically because we went down to my parents and went and saw Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, who were performing at their church that night!  We love this group and have seen a Christmas concert of theirs almost every year for the last 7 years!

Day 11
Our activity for Day 11 was "Go to church with Mimi and Poppy" - this was another one that was specifically planned because we were at my parents and since we had to leave straight from there to get back up here to go to church for Christmas play practice that night there really wasn't much time for any other activity.

Day 12
Well yesterday our activity was "bake cookies"... I had an upset stomach all day and Alyssa was running a fever... so we didn't get to that... we had a lazy day in the house, we watched a Christmas movie, the boys played the Wii, and we started reading our Christmas novel "The Dog Who Thought He Was Santa" by Bill Wallace.  So, any those would be a worthy advent activity for the day, don't you think?!?  (plus I have next week us decorating Christmas cookies...so they really aren't missing anything anyways...)

I'm excited about today's activity...but it won't happen until tonight...and I hope to get pictures...so I will just wait and include it on the next update :-)

I thought I would end this post by sharing some pictures of my "prettys" I did for my Ladies Bible Study party...  (just so I don't have to write another post - HA!)

Here are my cute holly and berry cupcakes - got the idea from Pinterest - of course!

 And here is my Chistmas tree - it's cream cheese with jalapeno jelly on top...then I made a star, ornaments and the trunk of the tree from bell peppers - another idea from pinterest.

Until next time,

Advent Calendar Activities Days  1-5

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