Thursday, December 8, 2011

Second Week of December School

WOW!  It is hard to believe we are finishing a second week of December school!  We are still having fun...but we are becoming more and more laxed - which is ok - it is almost Christmas you know :-)

Christmas Movies!
We are still enjoying watching a Christmas movie every day!  Here are the movies we have enjoyed this week:

Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas (from Netflix)
The Happy Elf (from Netflix) - this movie featured the voice and music of Harry Connick Jr, very cute movie! The kids loved it!
O Christmas Tree (from Netflix)
Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night (from Netflix)

Reading Games
Here are reading games we enjoyed this week (most of them were part of that game collection I got from my Mom).

Sight Word Bingo - I actually got this one online here.

Double Trouble - This was one of the Scholastic games that uses picture/word cards and you have to find rhyming pairs.

Word!  - Another Scholastic game where you have to build words using letter cards - some cards are single letters and some are blends.

Spelling Bee - this was another fun game from my mom.  It's a board game that is a race to the finish by finding missing vowels to spell words.

Of course we had our games that we will play every week, Erudition being one of the favorites!  (of course I have adapted it so that Seth can play using sight word cards, and Aaron can play using flashcards on his level.  The boys are LOVING this game!)    (other games we repeated again this week but didn't get pictures of was Roll and Read (Hooked on Phonics), Sight Word Jenga, and Snap and Spell).

Match!  This was yet another Scholastic game - it's a typical concentration game - but you are having to match the picture card with the correct word card.

Word Construction - Another board game from my mom - you spin your beginning consonant blend and you can advance if the next ending blend will combine with it to make a real word.

Seth was so excited this week because I presented him with his Cars reader!!  I found this at Costco - it is the Step Into Reading leveled readers.  This book contained 3 step 1 and 3 step 2 Cars stories (and it was only $6.99!!  At other stores each story is about $4 so it was a big savings for me!!)  We read the first two stories this week and I was very pleased at how well he did!

Math Games
We enjoyed more card games to practice our math skills.  All of these I got online so I have provided links for you :-)  (just click on the name of the game to go to the link)

Face Cards Around the Perimeter - A game to practice adding to sums of 10.  The link includes a gameboard you can print off.

Numbers In Between - A fun card to practice the more than or less than concept

Save the Ducklings - A game for practicing adding and counting skills (Aaron was able to play this one well!!)  The boys loved this one so much that we played twice!  They also asked if I could make a bigger game board and if we could play it often!  I told them I am also thinking about making a game board to keep in the camper as well.  It was that cute of a game!  You will just have to go to the link to read how it works.
 The first time we played our markers were too big for our board (we were using bears, pigs, and cubes).  This is why they asked for a bigger board - LOL!
 The second time we just used the cubes...worked better...but they said they still wanted a bigger board. LOL!

Cover Up - An addition game using dice, markers and a game board you can print off from the site.

I didn't do so well getting pictures this week... here are the rest of the math games that we played though...

Cover All - Another card game that also uses a board that you can print off on the site.  Another one for good addition practice.

Seventeen - Another good addition game - shows all the ways you can get to a sum of 17, using a deck of cards. 

More Or Less - basically the card game war - a good practice of determining what number is more, or less.  Site has scorecards that you can print off.

Subtraction War - once again a twist on the card game war - instead of each person drawing one card to sees whose is greater, each player draws two cards and solves the the subtraction problem with them (example - a person draws a 5 and a 2 they will say 5-2=3, and the one with the larger result wins all 4 cards).

Books of the Bible
Seth continues to add a book of the bible every day - we have made it up to Jeremiah now!!  Here is a video of him reciting Genesis - Jeremiah.  (If you are viewing this from email click here to go view the video on the blog)

Some Fun Pictures

Here are some fun pictures I thought I would share!  :-)

Alyssa LOVES her dollies and will play for HOURS with them!  I found her last Sunday changing a doll's "diaper" and I had to get a picture (as you can see she wasn't so thrilled with that - LOL!)

With the temps being VERY COLD this week our dog has been spending some extra time inside - and he is becoming a LAZY dog!

He loves our new heater in the school room - LAZY dog!!

Well, that's it for now!

Until next time,

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