Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Calendar Days 13-19 & December School Wrap Up

Ok - I have gotten a little behind - sorry - things have been hectic.  I thought though that I would update you on our advent calendar and do a final December School wrap up all in the same post...if that's ok with yall :-)

Advent Calendar Days 13-19
I think the theme of our Advent activities has been "flexability".  I have made so many changes LOL but I guess the important thing is that we have kept up with it and kids are really enjoying it.

Look - that puzzle is almost completed!!

We are only missing 5 pieces from the nativity!!
Christmas is almost here!!

So last week was a bit of a rough week  :-(.  Alyssa had a fever Monday and Tuesday so that threw plans off a bit.  She got better on Wednesday and Thursday, but then woke up Thursday night with croup!!

And if that wasn't bad enough...we haven't seen Rocky, our dog, since we got home from Huntsville last Sunday :-(... We held up hope as long as we could...but it's been over a week now...I don't see any hope of him coming home now...

so with all that going on - doing Advent activities was a little on the difficult side...and weren't quite what I had originally planned...but I think we still pulled it off ok.

Day 13
Tuesday Alyssa was still not feeling well and we were a bit bummed over Rocky not being home...but Daddy came in to the rescue on Tuesday night!  He let the boys stay up a bit later and we watched a Christmas movie - The Santa Clause 2!  (I find it kind of weird that Netflix has The Santa Clause 2 but not the first one...oh well).

Day 14 
On Wednesday we actually made it to the classroom for a bit.  Alyssa was feeling better.  And I found a couple of Christmas crafts at the store on Tuesday when Aaron and I were out for speech therapy.  So our activity for Wednesday was to complete these two crafts.  One was decorating a glitter foam tree with foam stickers and the other one was coloring wooden stand up Christmas figures.

We displayed them on the mantle when we were done.

Day 15
On Thursday we had Christmas pizza for supper!  I was going to make snowmen on them with pepperonis, but my pepperonis were bad :-(  So I just cut up red and green peppers and put all around the pizza.  It was super yummy!!

Day 16
Our activity on Friday was going to Christmas party - our homeschool group Christmas party :-)  Of course Alyssa didn't make it because of the croup...but the boys had a blast!

Aaron had fun trying to open a Christmas gift with oven mitts on!  LOL!  This was very funny for the parents to watch!
 We also had fun making gingerbread houses.

Day 17
On Saturday we made hot chocolate and watched A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Day 18
On Sunday our activity was to attend a Christmas play - well actually Alyssa just attended, the boys actually performed in the Christmas play at church :-)

Day 19
Well yesterday, Monday, I was sick... :-(  Still battling it some but am doing better today.  Yesterday I spent most of the day either sleeping, or in my chair.  Just really had no energy for anything else.  But my hubby was home all day and took the boys with him and his dad to go finish up some Christmas shopping - so I guess their Christmas activity for the day was Christmas shopping :-)  Alyssa just spent the day with Mommy.  We even took a nap together in my bed.  So hopefully that is not too big of a stretch for Christmas advent activities yesterday.

December School Wrap Up
Well we are officially done with December School.  Last week we only made it to the classroom one day due to Alyssa being sick and all.  But even on the days we didn't make it to the classroom we still watched our daily Christmas movie and every day the boys would all pile in the chair with me and we would play some of our school games on the ipad.

The day that we did make it to the classroom we had fun playing a scrabble game (one of the Scholastic games from my mom).  I used the bananagram tiles though and am hoping to, soon, introduce Seth to the game bananagrams  :-)  He really enjoyed the scrabble game.

And we won't be having school this week or next - so that we can have our Christmas break :-)  I have to admit though that I am looking forward to getting back at it in January (probably more excited than Seth - LOL!!!)

But it will be very sad that we won't have our lazy mascot joining us anymore.  I really wish I knew what happened to Rocky :-(  It is very sad.  He will be very much missed in our family.

Until next time,

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