Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Another Two Week Catch Up!

Well once again I have gotten behind on my weekly wrap ups. Things are just staying too busy!! I am so ready for our Spring Break next week :-)!!

The past two weeks though we continued to just move right along! We had two full weeks of school. Seth has almost completed his 2nd reader in the 1st Grade set from Pathways!! (There is only one more book after this one before he completes 1st grade!)

With our weather becoming more and more Spring like Seth is finding that he really likes to go outside to read his stories for the day! (We leave Alyssa and Aaron in the schoolhouse playing play-doh while we go read (-: )

Here's Alyssa and Aaron playing play-doh...this is an activity that they have really been enjoying lately. I like the fact that it keeps them busy and confined to one spot without destroying the whole room. :-)

Seth did a very good job memorizing the Lord's Prayer for his Sunday School class and as a result earned a really cool Veggie Tales 365 Devotionals for boys. Ever since we start our school day reading one of these devotionals. Seth reads the verse from the bible (of course I have to help with some of the words but he is doing a good job) and then we read the devotional and have a small discussion about it and then both him and I say a prayer for our day! It is so sweet hearing him pray for his day! This is very quickly becoming such a special time in our day!

A dear friend from our homeschool co-op group knew how much we liked puppets and gave us a very cool puppet stage! It is suppose to be a door frame puppet stage but I had hubby put a couple of hooks in the ceiling of the school house and I rigged it up to be able to hang the puppet stage in the school room. I am able to put it up and take it down as needed.

We are going to be using this A LOT when Aaron starts kindergarten!! :-)

Seth tried to get a picture of the day that we used it so that the snake could tell him about the 'sn' blend! (sorry it is a bit blurry...I think Seth was having trouble keeping the phone still to take the picture)

Speaking of the blends puppets...I have been putting them up on a string on the wall. One day I played a game with Seth where I called out a word and had him go point to the puppet that showed the blend that the word started with. He had a lot of fun with it!

I decided to separate the blends and digraphs. This picture was taken before quite a few more blends were made...I need more room for my blends.

We are continuing to move right along in our Grapevine old testament review and are starting the stories of David now. The boys are still enjoying this way of telling bible stories.

There are really no other major highlights to report from the last two weeks...we are just trucking right along :-)

Seth has his birthday party this coming this is going to be a pretty busy week trying to get school done and get ready for all his friends to come on Saturday!

Thankfully next week is Spring Break and we will all get a break!

Until next time,

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