Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Well this was a nice, quiet week for us. Just the week we needed. Seth woke up Monday morning fever free and stayed that way, thank goodness!! He was still quite a bit sluggish on Monday though so we did not make it through a full day of school. We tried...but Seth just didn't have the energy to think.

Monday night was a pretty bad stormy night and when we woke up it was still raining hard and our whole place looked like a lake!! They issued a warning that the Trinity River at a point not far from us was going to be flooding and the levels they were predicting were the same levels from a warning almost 5 years ago when officers were going door to door asking for volunteer evacuations because they were expecting this whole area to flood. I remember it all too well because it was a week before I gave birth to Aaron! Yikes!! So needless to say Tuesday we didn't get any school done because I was too busy watching the reports of the river level and making preparations in case we were going to need to hook up the RV and vacate!

Thankfully though as of mid morning the rain stopped, and once it stopped they realized the levels would not be getting as high as they were previous predicting....therefore I was able to breathe again! :-)

I did bring in Seth's Pathways after the rain stopped and we worked his next lesson in that...but that was all the school we got in that day. Seth was feeling much better and was in FULL FORCE...I guess making up for lost time...I probably needed to get him in the classroom to get some discipline on him but it just didn't happen. Oh well...

Wednesday we finally made it back to the classroom! YEAH!! And it really did feel nice. Seth's behavior was still off balance so that was a bit of a challenge...but we did make it through a full day of school!

During our bible story (Grapevine Studies) Alyssa decided to participate and was doing her drawings in her coloring book. She kept saying "Look Mommy. I did it. Just like you!" It was precious! Of course it was scribbles but I she was using the same colors I was!! Aaron said she needed her own bible notebook so on Thursday I pulled out an empty composition book and let her have as her "bible notebook"... of course she is too smart for her own good and realized real quick she didn't have boxes in her notebook like the boys had.

Thursday we finished our blue Pathways book!! YEA!!!! One more reader to go to finish 1st Grade!! Seth is doing so well with these. I am so proud of him. We played a game with the 117 new words that were introduced in the blue book. I put the words on a powerpoint that I showed on the monitor. I had listed on the first slide if he got so many right he got so much money...the more he got right the more money he got! He had to get at least 59 right to earn any money! He ended up getting 96 right and earned $3.00 spending money!!

We also started full swing for potty training this week for Alyssa...oh boy...We got her a special princess potty chair that makes music when you go! We have had some failures (go through about 5 pair of panties a day...) but we have had some successes too!! I don't think it will take long (I really really hope not! LOL!) I am just glad that she is finally showing some interest!! She has shown a little in the past but it never stook. I told her there was no turning back this time!!

Well it looks like the garden survived the rain. Seth's bean sprouts seemed to like it. You can see them below with our new row markers (veggie names written on smooth stones with a sharpie).

I just had to throw this picture in of our spoiled rotten puppy dog!! She looks like she is smiling!! LOL!

And here are some more pics from Seth's friend Tami took some with her camera and sent them to me!! (still haven't gotten hubby to get the others off of his work laptop yet!)

The funnest part of the party, I thought, was when I got in on the action of fighting with the light sabors! Seth and I had a duel!!

LOVE this pic of Seth and Aaron going at it!! :-)

Well I think that does it! (and I'm not two weeks late this time - WHOO HOO!)

Until next time,

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