Friday, September 7, 2012

Week Two in Review

Well, another week is done and gone! We didn't do school on Monday because of the Labor Day holiday.  So we had another week of cramming 4 days of materials into 3...but we did it!!  (it works ok in the first of the year because things haven't gotten heavy yet...I don't imagine this would be as easy to do in the middle of the year).

Here are pictures from our fun week!!

Here is Seth working on his math!  We were reviewing graphing this day and used our counting bears to help us out!  :-)

The kids earned their first brownie point!!  We went grocery shopping after school on Tuesday.  Poor guys -it was a 'BIG ONE' - two stores and lots of stuff!!!  We had some minor hiccups in behavior but the cashier at Wal-Mart remarked that they were very well behaved kids!!  So they got a brownie point!!  WHOO HOO!!
 We have started saying the Pledge of Allegience.  We don't do it first thing because we wait until Alyssa wakes up so she can join in with us.

We watched a cool video about Christopher Columbus this week.

We had a fun history activity to do on Thursday.  We made three foil boats and labeled their sails Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.  We put them in a tub of water and Seth was the wind blowing them from Spain to North America.

In our Little Hands to Heaven program this week we were talking about the story of Noah.  Aaron and Alyssa made rainbow pictures.

I also decided it would be fun to do a foil ark!  We got out our little set of plastic animals and Aaron and Alyssa loaded the animals into the ark and then put the ark on the water!  Such a simple activity and they had so much fun with it!!

In Science we talked about cells, atoms and molecules.  I made a model of an animal cell out of jello.  It had candy pieces, beans, and rice to represent the different parts.  The kids wanted to use their magnify glasses to explore the cell!

Ain't that a lovely animal cell!!

We also talked about molecules, water molecules in particular.  We used red grapes for our hydrogen atoms and green grapes for our oxygen atom and we attached them together with toothpicks to make the water molecule.

We made a glass of "water" that we gave Daddy when he got home.  The kids could not wait for him to come home so they could ask him if he wanted a glass of water!!  Of course, Daddy loved it!!  And the kids were able to tell him what the grapes represented!  YAY!!  They listened!!

Friday was our first day of co-op classes with our homeschool group!!  I am teaching 2 classes this is my load of stuff I have to take!!  LOL!!  I am thankful for a rolling suitcase (but am thinking I may need a bigger one!)

Here is the line up of the classes each child is taking in co-op this semester.

1st Period - Lego Fun
2nd Period - Fun With Sand Art
3rd Period - Junior Astronaut Training (that I am teaching)
4th Period - P.E.

1st Period - Cutting Skills (learning to work with scissors)
2nd Period - Fun With Nursery Rhymes (that I am teaching)
3rd Period - Soccer Skills
4th Period - Spanish Fun

1st Period - Character Counts
2nd Period - Fun With Nursery Rhymes (that I am teaching)
3rd Period - Animals We Know
4th Period - Spanish Fun

Co-op is a lot of fun!  There are so many families in our group now!!  We met so many new friends today that we are looking forward to spending more time with and getting to know better!!  But man am I tired when we are done!!

I think I will go take a nap now!

Until next time,

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