Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 4 In Review

Week 4 is in the books!!  We had an exciting week reading about North American Indians, and continuing our reading of Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims.

 Seth has started reading a Magic Tree House book on the kindle.  Let me say I have not, up to this point, been a big supporter of the kids reading on these devices.  I like real books in their hands.  But I am having trouble getting Seth interested in reading.  I want him to learn to love reading, not just read because he has too.  I thought maybe if we tried a book on the kindle it will help spark an interest.  And so far it seems to be working.  He is reading a chapter a day and he has read two so far.  When he is done I take the kindle and and quiz him to make sure he actually read the book...not just pretended to.  And he has showed me that he has read it and is comprehending it! YAY!!  And he was excited today (his 2nd day) for his Kindle reading time.  

And Seth is learning the consequences of doing rushed, sloppy work.  We showed Daddy our bad, sloppy work one night at dinner and he made him sit at the table after dinner and re-do it all!!  Today he rushed through his math and did not do well, so tonight he will be sitting at the table after dinner and redoing his math.  Hopefully this will put a stop to the sloppy work.

Here are some pictures from our week.

This week we read a book on North American Indians for History.  We made wigwams one day and teepees the next.  Here is Seth working on the wigwam.  This was a weird little project that I didn't think was going well...but once all the glue dried it looked better.  :-)

Here are the kids working on making teepees.
 We had to make a trip outside to find twigs for our teepees.
 Here are our finished teepees (I even made one) and our wigwam.
 I have scheduled science lessons but sometimes letting the child lead I think is best :-).  The kids are always asking if they can take the magnify glasses and explore.  Well one day this week Seth brought me a few items and asked if we could get out the microscope and explore them with it!  Of course I said yes!!  So, we didn't get to our "scheduled" science - but we sure did have some good science lessons happening around here!  :-)

Ok so I started Aaron on some formal handwriting lessons this week.  We were working on our capital Ls.  I helped him make a few and then I wanted him to try some on his own.  I went to my desk and a few minutes later he said "I am done".  I came back to the table expecting to see a page of Ls.  But I was surprised to find that he found a page of all the letters of the alphabet and wrote EVERY letter!!  For most of these letters, this was his first attempt at writing them!!  I thought he did an awesome job!

I also pulled out the Letter Factory DVD for Aaron and Alyssa!!  This was how Seth learned his letter sounds.  We will be watching this DVD over and over for the next few weeks and I guarantee you, after a couple of weeks or so, both Aaron and Alyssa will know their letter sounds!  I LOVE this DVD!

Ok I debated whether to put this in the post or not.  I had. over the summer, purchased an online planner program, for lesson plans, scheduling assignments, projects, etc.  It sounded like such a neat program I just had to jump on it.  And I think it still has potential for being a neat program...but I think the problem is they opened it up to the public WAY before it was ready!!  There are so many glitches and problems it has been more headache than help!  I have tried to be patient but I am to my breaking point!  A couple of friends of mine in our homeschooling group have created post-it note binders.  The simplicity and flexibility of these planners really intrigued me that I finally decided to try it myself.  I mean, the cost is why not!

So here is my planner set up for next week.  All of their assignments are on little post-it note squares.  As we complete an assignment I will move that post it to another notebook that is labeled the record book.  There I will be able to write notes about what was good and/or bad about the assignment, what we need to work on more, etc, etc...  (actually the journaling side is what really intrigued me since I did not have that at all with my online planner - once you mark an assignment complete it will record a grade but everything else disappears...)  So, anyways...I am going to try this way a bit and see if it works.  Maybe in the future the online program will have their act together...or maybe I find that I just like this better anyways and stick with it...

Regardless, right now in my life I am finding I just need something SIMPLE!  LOL!!

Well, that's about it for our week.  We go to co-op tomorrow!! Kids are super excited about that!

Until next time,

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