Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 5 in Review

Week 5 is in the books!!  We had another good week of school.  Here are the few pics that I took this week.

Seth and Aaron are enjoying the cooler mornings.  (It is still getting pretty hot in the afternoons but at least we are getting a little break in the mornings).  They are now playing outside for 30 minutes or so before we start school.  This has helped to get rid of some of their energy and make school run a bit smoother.   On the morning of this picture they were running up and down the driveway. 

Aaron and Alyssa enjoyed playing board games one afternoon while I was working on some school planning.

In History this week we talked about the pilgrims and how they made their first homes.  One of the things we discussed was how they didn't have any glass so they made windows from oiled paper.   We did an experiment to figure out why.  We took a sheet of notebook paper and spread it with oil and saw how the oil made the paper transparent.
 We then dropped some water on the oiled paper and a piece of paper that had no oil on it and saw how the water beaded up on the oiled paper.  We saw that the paper with no oil tore very easily when got wet, but the oiled paper was actually quite strong.

Aaron completed his A book this week and started the C book, which is introducing how to write his numbers and practice in counting.  He was quite excited about  this!!  In this picture he was proudly writing his name on the inside cover of his book.

He was so proud of himself this week with his writing and had every right to be.  Look at these 2s he wrote!!!  :-)
And here are his 3s!!  All I can say is WOW!!  Way to go Aaron!!

Seth is still struggling with handwriting a bit and I have noticed has gotten into a bad habit of writing his g's and d's in a sloppy way.  So today I had him write a's, g's, d's, and q's on a piece of notebook paper and was very impressed with his work!  He proved to me he can do it and can have good handwriting!

We also finished our Squanto book this week!  I am looking forward to starting 'The Courage of Sarah Noble' next week!  Having them color while I read really did work well!!  I was impressed!  To change it up a bit I have printed shapes on different colors of construction paper.  I am going to have them cut them out and glue them to another paper to make a quilt (because the book talks of the making and use of quilts) while I read this book!  Hopefully this will help them listen as well as they did for Squanto.

A teacher note - I have LOVED my first week of my post-it note planner!  It really has made life easier and is already helping me to take note of what is and is not working and to not be afraid to change things up a bit if need be!!  :-)

OH!  And Seth joined cub scouts this week!!!  :-) One of the families in our homeschool group are starting up a new pack!!  So Monday nights are now full but Seth is super excited about this!

Well, we are headed to Mimi and Poppy's tomorrow!  My sister is having a baby shower on Saturday.  The kids are super excited about the trip!!

Until next time,

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