Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Long Overdue Blog Post

Oh wow!! I am so long overdue for a post on here!! December was just so incredibly busy!! We are blessed beyond measure! :-) So I will try to update you the best I can!! (be prepared - lots of pictures!!!)

Seth got to participate in his first parade!!  His cub scout group was in the Ennis Christmas parade!!  He had so much fun and spent the entire time yelling out to everyone "Merry Christmas!!"

We also took a fishing trip with our cub scout group.  I only got this picture of Aaron!!  But I love it!! :-)

December was a bit of a weird month of school for us!!  We had some struggles with Seth and ultimately determined that my little Seth is a kinesthetic learner!!  (which basically means he is a mover - he learns through movement).  For my type A personality this is quite strange! LOL!  But I am realizing that all I need to do is just change my teaching style up some.  Here is a picture of him one day doing his worksheet!  This was a type of worksheet that he has been struggling with - but letting him have the freedom to sit/stand as he wanted to get it done really did work!!  And his handwriting was better with it to, go figure!!
Here he is another day sitting on top of his desk to do his work.  I have heard of kids like this use an exercise ball to bounce on while reading, or even standing on their head on the couch to read!  WOW!  My life is going to be fun! LOL!
Aaron got to put his new skills of patterns and sorting to good use helping me sort socks one day!!  

That's about all I have to post that is really school related! LOL!  For Seth we just focused on reading, writing, math and spelling.  Aaron continued to work on his Before We Read and Learning Through Sounds.

My cousin spent the month of December (and will be with us until next week) with us!!  She has been doing a winter volunteer job at the Dallas Zoo (she is attending Texas A&M with hopes of being a vet).  The kids sure have enjoyed having her here!  Especially Alyssa.  Sarah is sleeping in Alyssa's room and Alyssa calls Sarah her "roommaker". 

We had our annual CHECK Christmas party and it was a blast!!  There were a bunch of kids there!  They had so much fun making gingerbread houses!

All 3 kids were in the Christmas play this year!  I know there are other pictures of the play but I don't know where they are at right now.  The only picture I have to share right now is Alyssa in her kitty costume!  (and it doesn't show the tail that matches the ears pinned to the back of her shirt).  The funny thing is that the moms were given the instructions for the younger ones to dress as animals...we could choose what animal.  Five of the little girls showed up dressed as black cats!! LOL!!  Aaron was a camel and Seth was a wise man!  (I have got to figure out where the other pictures are so I can post some more!)
 We went one evening to Santa Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop.  We were too late to get passes to see Santa but still had a good time seeing the decorations and playing some games.

The weekend before Christmas we went to Huntsville for Christmas with my parents and with the Lucas family.  My grandmother gave Alyssa a pop-up castle tent and I think this was her favorite Christmas present out of everything she received!!  As soon as she got home she wanted it set up.  It was designed so that you can color it.  She spent all evening working on her castle!

She then wanted to sleep in it so we figured out how to get it on her bed so she wouldn't be sleeping in the floor.  LOL!

 After about a week of sleeping in it we realized that she wasn't sleeping very well so we convinced her to put it back on the floor and play with it during the day.

On Christmas Eve Sarah, Alyssa and I did some fun Christmas baking.  Here are our smores cupcakes!!
 Here is the oreo fudge we made - YUM!!  It tasted just like cookies and cream ice cream!!
 Sarah also made her world famous pumpkin cheesecake.  We also made a concoction of homemade caramel poured on top of pretzels with white almond bark poured on top of that!  It was so good!!  Alyssa had so much fun helping us make everything too!

She even went up to Granny's when we were done and helped make homemade lasagna!

On Christmas morning we made waffles with homemade strawberry sauce and homemade whip cream!!  It was yummy!!
Here is our table all ready for Christmas morning breakfast!

After breakfast we got Daddy to play the boys new Angry Birds Star Wars Death Star game!!

My mom came up after Christmas and her, Sarah and Alyssa and I had a girls day shopping!  Alyssa literally shopped until she dropped!

And poor kiddos!  They got a trampoline for Christmas and have hardly been able to play on it because it has been so COLD!!  It is like winter said "I made it and I'm not leaving!"  Poor kids.  They will bundle up in their coats and go jump until they are just too cold and come back in.

We had a great Christmas!!  But the best Christmas present of all was on Saturday night, December 29th, when Seth told us that he wanted to be saved!!  We went into our bedroom and Daddy led him through the scriptures and Seth prayed the sweetest prayer ever and asked Jesus into his heart!!!  That will be a memory I will never forget!!  He made his public profession of faith on Sunday and this coming Sunday morning he will be baptized!!   My mom and dad, grandma and her husband, and aunt and uncle will be coming up  to see it!!  We are all so excited!!!  (oh and it's Sarah's last Sunday here with us so she will be able to see it too!!)  His salvation was the best ending possible to 2012 and we are starting off 2013 with his baptism!!  So we are off to a great start!!

Of course I will post pictures next week!!

Until next time,

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share about your family. So proud for Seth's decision. Looking forward to hearing more adventures.