Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh yeah - I forgot!!

Ok - so if you haven't read the week in review yet... this is the rest of it.  I forgot one exciting thing that happened today!!!

On Monday at the zoo we went into the nature center and I had the lady working in there explain to Seth the nature exchange program.  Basically you find something nature related, or draw a nature picture, or make a nature journal, and bring it in and you earn points to use to acquire other nature items from the center.  We spent some time looking at all the different items you could acquire to get Seth interested in wanting to do this.  Of course he found a few things that he would like to have and was even able to add up the points of two of the items!!  :-)

Anyways today I was working in the school room when Seth comes running in with this animal skull stating that Daisy brought it home and we needed to get it to the zoo so that he could get points!!

Of course being the good homeschooling mom that I am (insert evil laugh)...I have decided first we are going to do some research to determine what kind of skull it is.  I am going to have Seth make a little research journal of our work to figure this out and then we can take the skull and the research journal to the zoo when we are done!!  :-)  YAY!!

So I will keep you updated on what we discover!

Until next time,

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