Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week In Review

Hey everybody!!

Well we are slowly getting back into a normal routine!!  :-)  We weren't quite there this week but we are headed in the right direction!!

So on Sunday Seth got baptized.  The only picture I have right now is this one of him in his suit before we went to church.  I haven't gotten any other pics yet.  My dad, hubby and brother-in-law all took pictures so there are pictures.  I just don't have them in my possession yet.  (I was too busy bawling like a baby through the whole thing to get pictures!)  As soon as I get some pictures though I will post some on here. :-)

It was a super special day!  My grandmother and her husband was able to make it.  Of course my mom and dad came and my aunt and uncle, who surprised us with my cousin Ryan!  And of course my cousin Sarah was still here as well!  On Sunday we fed 16 people at our house!!

My cousin Ryan stayed with us Sunday night and on Monday, he and Sarah went with us to the zoo!!  That was a lot of fun too!!  In fact most of the pictures for this week's post is from that trip to the zoo!!

The next two pictures are of Ann, the Okapi.  This is one of the animals that Sarah worked with during her volunteer time at the zoo.  It was neat to see Ann respond when Sarah called her name!  :-)

We really did have a fun day, despite the fact that it was a bit cold.

On Tuesday we did some very light school in the morning.  Seth wrote out his bible verse and then we watched some videos on rainbows, hurricanes and tornadoes.  Afterwards he had to tell me how a rainbow was formed, along with the difference between tornadoes and hurricanes.  He was able to do that all that!  We also looked at some pictures of tornadoes and hurricanes and he had to tell me what each picture was.  He also drew a picture of a rainbow (complete with raindrops and clouds in the sky because he said you can't have a rainbow without that!).  (This was all done as requirements to earn a weather pin in cub scouts!)

Here is his rainbow picture.

Aaron finished another kindergarten book on Tuesday as well!!

On Wednesday and Thursday we did some reading, English and math.  Seth did a good job both days!!  Aaron and I picked up where we left off on his learning through sounds and before we read books.  He has also started a new cars workbook, working on writing his alphabet.

I got this picture of one of Aaron's worksheets from his learning through sounds book today!  I was so proud of him!  He is recognizing beginning sounds and is doing a good job writing his letters too!

I have also been busy this week getting ready for the 4 classes that I am teaching at co-op this semester!!  But I am on a good track to have most of planning done before classes even start, complete with lists of prep work that is needed already laid out!!  So all semester I just have to get my prep lists for my next classes to know what I need to do!!  And that prep work will just be for getting crafts and stuff done.  All lessons and teaching will already be planned and ready to go!  GO ME!!!  :-)

So tomorrow we will have a laid back game and activity book day so I can work on that planning!

And Monday we start back full swing!!  I told Seth that all subjects will start up again and we will be working really really hard to get 2nd grade done in time to have at least a little bit of a summer break!  (From what I can see on the calendar right now if we don't have any other weeks off except for a spring break week we should be done mid-June!... but of course I have wrestled with idea of going to year round school so if we end up taking some time off and have to go past that mid-June date of finishing that would be ok too!  :-) )

Well, that's it for our week!  

Until next time,

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