Monday, April 22, 2013

Alyssa's Birthday and Birds!!

Well we have continued to truck right along in our school - almost to the end of our year - YEA!!!

Guess what this is???
CURRICULUM for next year!! WHOO HOO!!  I am SOOOO excited about next year!  We are changing up a lot.  (only thing that is staying the same is Pathways for reading and Singapore Math).  We are doing more Charlotte Mason style stuff and I am piecing together my own stuff for history and science!!!  But I will give more details later!)

We are having a FASCINATING time with bird study right now.  We have one nest where two birds have hatched and we are watching them grow!!  Here are some pics from that nest.

Here is a pic I caught of mamma bird going into her nest.

 Here is daddy bird - who always keeps a close watch (and helps feed the babies)

And we found a "secret" way to get some good pics of the babies inside the nest.  They were about 2 days old in these pics.

And a nest in the front yard laid 4 eggs!!  WHOO HOO!!  We are going to have more babies!!
Seth is keeping a journal of all the activity going on with the nests and baby birds!  We have also had fun drawing pictures of the birds.

And not to say we have had a lot of rain lately, but we did have DUCKS in our front yard the other day!!

On Monday we went out to the trampoline and drew pictures of birds (in our pjs LOL!)
Alyssa is really getting into nature exploring.

Alyssa's birthday was Wednesday!  We had a fun day with her.  It started with her helping me to make pink pancakes!

We had a bird study day for her birthday!  We went on a bird walk too!!  For lunch we had scrambled egg sandwiches - LOL!

On Saturday we had her birthday party!  We had of course all our family here and then she had a couple of little friends come too! It was a super sweet party.

(this is what the men do at a little girl's birthday party - stand outside and stare at the roof LOL)
After her party the guys went to Home Depot and Poppy and Daddy bought us some PEACH trees!!  They came home and planted them for us!! WHOO HOO!!

We have privelage (which is a lot of times a PAIN) of living off of Ennis Bluebonnet Trails!!  There are TONS of people on the roads right now!  It takes us twice as long to get anywhere.  But the bluebonnets are very pretty and we decided last night to do what the tourists do and get pictures.  :-)  Here are a few we got (and amazingly enough these were all done with Daniel's iphone!!)

 Until next time!

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