Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of School!!

Well we survived our first day of school!!  :-)  And I must say it was an AWESOME day!  I really could not have asked for any better!  The kids were well behaved and they did well on their work after being on a break!  This is one happy teacher/mommy!!!  :-)

And of course I have some pictures to share of our first day!!  :-)

Alyssa did VERY well today!!  She loved her new puzzles (today she worked on matching mommas and babies).  We did several lessons in her workbook because she just wanted to keep going and she is grasping everything so well.  She colored and read books and was quiet all morning!  GO ALYSSA!

Here is Seth working on his reading using his ipad (I found an app where I can record my voice and a white board with text, pictures, markings, etc... kind of, in a way, clones me to free me to work with another child!)  He did very well on his independent work today!!  His handwriting was good and his reading comprehension was good today.  GO SETH!!

Here is Aaron working on his reading workbook.  He was so excited today and so eager to learn.  It is fun to watch!!
 I also had to get this shot of Aaron working on his math!  He was counting pigs today! :-)

Here are all three of them ready for the science lesson to start!!  They were coloring a picture of a jaguar today while I did our reading of our lesson.

It was a fantastic day!!  Hopefully that means it is going to be a great year!

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