Thursday, August 22, 2013

Well school is off to a good start!   For the most part things are going very well!!  The kids LOVE our science curriculum.  I am loving the English and the gentle approach it takes.  It has already spurred some great conversation!

Seth is having a rough start with reading...just because he is dealing with the "I don't wannas".   We are trying to work through that.  We will get through somehow!  (It is my life's mission right now LOL).  We are going to the library tomorrow afternoon.  I am hoping and praying to find some books that will spark his interest and light that fire for reading!  I know we can do it.  We just need the right spark!

Wee are all LOVING reading 'Mr. Popper's Penguins'! I have never heard so many giggles through the reading of a book.  I sometimes find it hard to read because I myself am too busy giggling.

Yesterday and today the kids did their watercolor penguin picture during our reading time.  They sure did enjoy that!

 (don't you love Alyssa's spiderman shirt?!?! LOL!  It's a sad thing to be a younger sister to boys sometimes! She don't care though!)

Here are their finished pictures...

 Alyssa's (she watercolored for a good 30 minutes - can't you tell! LOL)
 and Seth's!  He was so excited.  He did all his crayon work with a white crayon and was excited when it showed up through the watercolor.

I had some other pictures from the other day...well I thought I did...until I realized today that I was taking pictures without a card in the camera!  UGH!!!  Thankfully I noticed today and was able to capture them working on their watercolor pictures!

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