Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Watson Christian Academy 2013-2014 School Year Starts August 14th!!

WHOO HOO!!  I have decided that our school year will start next Wednesday, August 14th!  :-)

My mom is coming today and we are going to have a fun week with her.  We are going to hit the Half Price Books and the teacher stores and will make sure I have everything I need!!  :-)  Monday I will have one more day to get things lined out.

Tuesday we will head to the library to get our first set of books and then Wednesday we will start class!!  This will give us 2 days for our first week - 2 days to figure out our new routine!  I am excited and ready to start!! 

Aaron is ecstatic to start too!!  And I really think Seth is too, he just doesn't want to admit it LOL!!!  But he just doesn't realize how much fun we are going to have!

Oh and speaking of books - I have lists for both boys made up of books to read.  All of these books are on the AR book lists.  We don't have access to the AR quizzes of course, but we are using www.bookadventure.com (put out by Sylvan Learning Center).  All the books on the lists have a quiz on that site!  I have come up with a prize list of prizes they can choose from with points they earn from their quizzes!!!  I am really determined to help my boys develop a love for reading!  I am hoping that this will help with that! 

So you should start seeing regular posts again from this blog as we share our school adventures.  I am very excited about this school year (can't you tell??)

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