Friday, August 27, 2010

Breakfast Devotions

We started doing morning devotions this morning!  This was a suggestion from Daddy…he said he would like for us to do morning devotions during our breakfast time.  I did some research yesterday to find the perfect book. Can you believe that I found it on Kindle???  (I have the Amazon Kindle app for my iphone).

The book is entitled Family Time Story Devotions by Eldon Weisheit.

I really like the simple lay-out of the book.  For each devotion it give the scripture reference for focal scriptures (I like that it only gives the references…makes you have to look the verses up in your own bible). It then gives a short application story. After that it gives some questions that allow for some discussion time between you and your kids.  And then it ends each devotion with a prayer.

I am really looking forward to breakfast time with my kids now!  (not that I ever didn’t look forward to it…it just has never been a big deal around our house – and now it is!) What a perfect way to start our day!

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